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  • I had the intention of connecting all three stations/terminals into a single loop as the rails go around the entire town. With much curving around, I was barely able to close the loop a few hours ago. It twists and turns so much that it would be really uncomfortable to ride in real life, but I got what I wanted…
  • I agree it's a bummer you can't choose the tracks you need and the random pieces are... not ideal. Let's see... when you complete all three acts, you're guaranteed the following: Long: 39 Short: 10 Curved: 15 S-shape: 8 Total: 72 So you get a lot of straight pieces with some curvy stuff. S-shapes are kinda like the…
  • Long: 54 Short: 17 Curved: 28 S-shape: 8 Total: 107 I've gotten this just as I completed the weekly prize from the Rail Yard. I entered the Monorail Update a week after it started, so it's not too shabby. I was finally able to connect all three (non-donut) station/terminals into one loop that goes around the town, with one…
  • I got the Rail Yard three days ago and got the final weekly prize just now, so it's doable in less than three days. I don't use any donuts, I sleep 8 hours a day, and only login every hour or two while I'm awake to get the recycling going and then pretty much ignore the game otherwise.
  • I also got 5 donuts after finishing the weekly prizes just now without getting notified.
  • Speaking of which, this got me thinking... Duct tapes needed for the final prize: 132700 Daily cap 7500 x 12 + 7500 (final day) + daily bonus 1200 x 12 + 6600 (extra daily bonuses, total) + 5-day bonus 5000 x 2 = 128500 Under 7500/day cap regime, assuming the user does not visit the neighbours, no one comes visiting the…
  • I've modified the stats I've been recording so it causes less confusion. Here's the how it went with Act 2 so far: 2015-08-23 16119 total -0 start -5397 extra -1200 bonus -9500 project (capped) -22 rollover 2015-08-24 29255 total -16097 start -2009 extra -1200 bonus -22 from yesterday -9478 project (capped) -449 rollover…
  • I've seen this glitch once, but then it went back to normal the next time. Oh well.
  • I do understand how the cap works, but I apologize if my way of describing it was confusing. See, what I said previously is basically what you said, if you do the math. 9927 - 9478 = 449. That's what I mean by "449 tapes outstanding". My expected daily cap for 25th would be 9500 - 449 = 9051 because of this. It all works…
  • I just did a project worth 492 tapes and was capped. So I was capped with 9927 tapes for today. Looks like 9500 is getting more and more likely as the cap for me in Act 2. Assuming this is correct, I now have 449 tapes outstanding, which includes 22 from 23rd. I'll be seeing if I get capped over 9051 tapes tomorrow.
  • Throwing in my further observations... As I recall, I churned out over 20000 blueprints on the last day of the Act 1. But I used every one of them to create extra tracks - the final task before the transition had 0 blueprints counted towards it. I don't see how the game would arbitrarily roll anything over from Act 1 to 2.
  • I'm talking about the daily cap, of course. Total cap, if it was 7500 daily, would be 15000 indeed. However, I capped out at 9522 yesterday and I had an additional 9435 without caps so far, so my total is at 18957 at the moment. I've made sure to count only the ones earned from the projects.
  • I hit the cap just over 9500 yesterday and I haven't hit the cap with 9435 today so far. The cap is definitely higher than 7500 in my observation.
  • I've caught the wind of the Monorail update on August 18 and furiously tried to catch up. Thanks to the information on this forum, I was able to get Ray Patterson on the very last day, and picked up 4 more tracks as well. Seems only fair to share how I'm doing on Act 2. This is what I've observed so far. 2015-08-23 16119…
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