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  • Yes, act one had a freaking cap. Took the screenshot because I thought it was glitching on me. No, it wasn't. There's hundreds of posts about it. It was (and still is) a definite thing that happens. I despise it.
  • I think this is probably close to what happened. There were quite a few days that I didn't hit the cap because I was too busy to max out, and all that rolled over. I've hit the cap for the last couple days, however, because I had a little time to shore up my resources after unlocking Ray. (I unlocked him about nine hours…
  • Okay, so literally right after posting the above about the waiting game, I logged into Tapped Out and got the message about my other device not saving, so I wondered if support had been in my game. Sure enough, Akira was wandering around taskless. I also have an email from a specialist saying he has confirmed the problem…
  • Believe me, I am trying. Part of it is a waiting game, though.
  • Probably not. The game relies on the server time, so far as I know.
  • What?? Because they're recommending solutions that someone can actually put into effect instead of just saying that those are the breaks until the giant corporate monolith decides it's worth changing? That's neither mean nor horrible, simply suggestions that will be faster and more reliable than hoping that a company will…
  • I'm pretty sure his shortest task has always been two hours.
  • Yes. The second time I talked to support, six of my donuts had disappeared when I opened the game again. I was in a mild panic. The lovely lady I talked to the third time restored them to me. She was, as I mentioned, very helpful.
  • Well, I finally talked to someone at support who actually plays the game and knew what was up. She couldn't fix it, but she was very helpful and put a great many notes on my escalation. Since she actually knew what was going on, hopefully now they know what's going on. I'm really hoping to hear something about it soon.…
  • Yup. And now I'm being told that re-pot bonsai is no longer a repeatable quest!
  • My Akira is still broken. I've pulled him in and out of storage at least five times. Customer support didn't even know what I was talking about until the third time I went through it. And even when "Shawn" finally figured out what I meant, he claimed he couldn't do anything about it and would have to escalate, but only…
  • Not the final location, but I've got it mostly blinged out, now.
  • Man, Akira does not look happy.
  • A program is running to correct the problem, basically one account at a time. Presumably, one of your towns is further down the list than the other one.
  • Well, the thread was about rabbits, not the opossums. Also I didn't intend my aside comment to turn into a discussion of all rodents. I know some outdated books still label rabbits as rodents, is all. Anyway, here's some rodents that look like rabbits. (They're called viscacha, a close relative of the chinchilla.)
  • Marsupialia is a class, not an order. But it's true that opossums are not members of Rodentia.
  • Just as an aside, rabbits aren't rodents. They're members of the order Lagomorpha. Related to order Rodentia, but genetically distinct. The only lagomorphs currently living are rabbits, hares, and pika, all others have gone extinct. I think the word is "reproduce."

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