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  • I will confirm that the shopkeeper is indeed counting skeletons. I was able to get the counter working on my neighbors skeletons that I tapped. It is set to 30 bunnies (but should really say skeletons, ahem) and I was lucky to have enough neighbors spawning skellies, but approximately 75% are going to be ticked off when…
  • What's the secret to being in the know? I've already wasted 8 hours & I'm sure I'm in the majority. For the older-timers is it a big deal for EA to pass an update message on our screens, say like they do when they are wanting us to buy something with real life dollars? *mumble, mumble*
  • Thanks, I'll roll with that one then. I was going to play timid and do the bunnies & skellies, but I just finished a campfile of zombies & have 1 outta 4, so zombies it is today. Again thanks for your cumulative knowledge.
  • If you look at the picture in the box of day 5 [today] (had to get my magnifying glass to see it in detail) it says 50+50 and there is one box of rabbit ears & one box of skeletons, so I think you'll need to divide those 4 spooky stories. Good luck!
  • Thanks for this. My husband's on break from the game & was debating..more for the extra goodies..no sense in buying it then...0 times 5 equals 0 :wink:
  • Hate to knock a gift horse in the mouth but here's my complain: The timer started as soon as I placed it. I thought it wouldn't start until I started the questline, but my first click afterwards showed my 5x in blue. Bummed me out because I'd just started 15 characters on a 12hr quest at the Police Station. Oh well, as…
  • I must be the beta-tester for this bug since I've been experiencing this randomly since last week (as well as kids kicked out of campfire & the others out of monorail & springfield heights. To "fix" I've been exiting out of the game without logging out. If memory serves correctly, it seems to appear changing screens from…
  • Just adding a "me too" for this problem & I've noticed other complaints on other fan sites. Mine started within the last week & was not limited to just the campfire but also monorail tasks & springfield heights. It's been sporadic, not each task.
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