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  • I too am having this issue. I've tried storing/reloading the tarot table, Princess Opal, the Fortune Teller, storing/reloading the Bussinessman's Social Club. The task is not grayed out for Opal, but it is still showing that it can't be completed. I've even cleared the cache to see if that helped. No joy. The Fortune…
  • Something odd. Crafted the Transylvania Cottage. Placed it, and then went to check my Flanders Tome and there are two timers showing for the Tome to refresh. Now it also says I am back to level 1 on the tome when I was at level 6 prior. The detail dialog on the Tome still shows I'm working on level 7, however the timer is…
  • I also have a problem with Krusty to sign autographs, -50/1. I completed the first task so now it is -49/1. Origin id: palmer6711666. Thanks.....JoeP.
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