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  • 1- A huge faster than light spaceship, fitted to luxurious standards and with a holodeck, like in Star Trek. 2- Someone with a mimimum of 2 billion light years flying time and licensed to pilot a luxurious faster than light spaceship and program a holodeck, like in Star Trek. 3- A few trillion spacebucks.
  • It boils down to a simple equation. BBC's good reputation > Jeremy Clarkson If and when the BBC feel Clarkson makes them look bad, he'll go quicker than Michael Barrymore. Remember him? lol
  • Thanks very much! I agree. It's listed as a State Prison. Thanks! Thanks again! :) Updates. Added, Botanical Gardens, Burns State Prison, It Blows, Municipal House of Pancakes, National Bank of Springfield, Shorty's, Tar Pits.
  • As far as I know, it's not listed. Try the wiki, perhaps it can be of help. Update time! Rancho Relaxo is not on the map, but is listed as existing out of Springfield.
  • Wow. That's pretty harsh. I raided with a core group in WoW for six years. If I imagine myself in your shoes, it would be a major upset to lose those friends at once, without warning. Is it cliche to point out how bad EA can be, with no regard to customers needs? Customers should be warned, it's not unreasonable to expect.…
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! All the best for the coming year. The holidays were of particular importance to me because I went to Florida for a major reunion with my family. Also, another family we have been close to for many years were there too. Our two families adopted each other and we all see ourselves as one big family.…
  • Quick update. Found another one I've overlooked, Hungry Hun. >.< Added Hungry Hun to OP.
  • JoshSherer. Josh... Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time. May the force be with you. If it's not with you, may the force be nearby, at least. If it's not nearby, then there may be a disturbance in the force. Seek a fully licensed Jedi Knight. EDIT: Or Sith Master, depending on your preference.
  • Thanks again! Finally felt good enough to get out of bed today after a pretty nasty flu bug. Anyway, update time, it's been a while. The last one was in July! Pretty sure I haven't missed any. If I have, feel free to let me know. Added Quimby Compound. Added Clamphitheater & Classy Girls Strip Club to MISC. EDIT: Added…
  • @anabugatti02. Thanks for helping to keep the thread alive and for posting new locations. I do a lot of traveling and logging into forums or playing my game isn't a priority when I'm away. I've been trying to catch up in my game. In fact, I'm only halfway to level 45, so I need to get tapping now I'm home. Throughout this…
  • @anabugatti02. Thanks for your contributions and your pics. Excellent work. Sorry I haven't replied sooner. To be honest, I haven't needed to update for a while, plus I'm often away from home. So, I don't log on here that much or when I get the chance. I'm committed to keeping my OP updated, although there are times an…
  • Thanks for the information. I'll add it to the MISC. section. :thumbup:
  • Thanks. I struggled to find KBBL even though I knew I had seen it. >.< Vintage Simpsons are my favourites, with many having an underlying message and no need for OTT crudeness like Family Guy or South Park. Don't get me wrong, I love all those shows and they're just as good as the Simpsons. I totally agree about how…
  • Thanks for your post, I might as well add that to the MISC section. :thumbup: The fact that you feel the way you do has been the most rewarding part of starting this thread. :thumbup: Finally, it's update time! Again! lol Added Itchy & Scratchy Studio.
  • Apologies for not replying sooner, I have been on holiday. It's pleasing to see another person who appreciates the thread and finds it helpful. That's precisely is why I started it. There's quite a few locations not listed on the map. No doubt you know the reasons why. In those situations, the best bet is the wiki. Next to…
  • I bow to a voice of experience. I never considered a piercing. :wink: Leave it to a fellow Mancunian to spot this. :wink:
  • If he shops at a seconds store, he won't get married to me in the first place I'm afraid. Precious seconds saved.
  • Good thinking. One should only track the seconds leading up to the divorce. :wink:
  • They reinsert them back into the goose. Or... They reinsert them back into Martha Stewart.
  • That dress is so tight, you can tell she has an outie bellybutton. As far as celebrity crushes are concerned, many celebrities have had a crush on me. However, I never reciprocated their advances. As a result, I have never had a crush on a celebrity.

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