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  • Oh good grief. Previous Christmas events have been just as reverent towards the birth of Jesus - that is to say, not at all - as this one. But you must not have had an issue, because at least on paper it aligned with your beliefs, if not the beliefs of others (reminder: non-Christians exist). Now the shoe is on the other…
  • That's totally not true! Modern pagan religions (at least the Celtic/European-inspired ones) tend to borrow from many traditions, and people choose to focus on different things. But celebrating the return of light, families, friends, feasting, and general joyous conviviality and gratitude are common aspects of pagan winter…
  • I. LOVE. IT. I'm gonna put so many mushrooms around my pagan and spooky forest areas. I'm a secular hippie at heart who celebrates Solstice and Christmas, so this is one of my favorite event themes ever. And I do adore Christmas in Springfield every year, but sheesh I have so many decorations from previous years it's not…
  • I love the theme, but I celebrate Winter Solstice ;) I don't think it's dark. Dark would be Krampus! That said, the store options are slim pickings, which is really disappointing. I was hoarding enough donuts for a nice xmas building, but I guess not. Shoulda bought the drive-in at Halloween. I love Christmas, too, so I'm…
  • NICE! I never would have thought of those two, thanks! And now to stalk them and wait for one to be right in front of it...
  • I was surprised I made it, actually, it was pretty close. I check a lot, but no feeder town and I think I only rushed something once, to get another task started before bed. I also wasn't getting as many hats from neighbors as we were supposedly able to get, only got them for the first 15-20 towns. But finished with about…
  • Since the Xmas update my game has been crashing like crazy while visiting neighbor towns. I'm always kicked out during the loading screen when trying to toggle from town to town, or from a town back to the neighbor menu, or back to my town from a neighbor's town. I haven't been able to visit more than 3 towns in a row…
  • Add panfa_puffs, I gift 100% NICE and hopefully you do too :) Let's get the most presents for everyone! Daily player etc etc.
  • Stampy would be awesome just wandering around town. I also vote for more tasks in general, but a Bartman skin would be fun and would bring more tasks. Bart seriously needs a graffiti task.
  • This is where I'm at. I admit I don't visit all my neighbors every day because I don't have time. Only while on holiday break did I have time to visit everyone every day. And frankly looking for snakes is so tedious, even when I do have time...well, I just don't visit many people at once. I won't get everything. I think…
  • He just pm'd me, thanks forum for keeping us informed of the losers :D
  • Haha me too! Bought donuts soon after Halloween, no turning back now :lol: Definitely get jealous when I see Witch Marge in other towns, boohoo :cry:
  • I'm sure this has been said elsewhere on the forum, but just a reminder, speaking to the concern that "everything will be more expensive now"...the escalator and the skyscraper are obviously intended to be silly money sinks for maxed out players with money burning a hole in their pockets. If you recall the end of the…
  • $750 here. I love the scratch cards! I wonder if they saw a huge drop-off in dog track play and added this - something you can actually WIN! I have no idea if they can tell, one would imagine they could. Now I'm curious if they changed the odds on the track, hmm...
  • It's definitely taking me longer to collect than before, and I get about 1/4-1/3 of my friends each time. I do vandalize instead when I can, but it seems that's more rarely available now so mostly I just leave and check back later. My heart yield is also very low. One or no hearts is the most common. Visited about 15…
  • It's the Christmas episode from S7, FYI. Just happened to watch it a couple days ago!
  • Cool Lisa Country Club Marge (the pink suit) (I've been watching season 7, haha) When Patty and Selma appear, they should have "date" outfits, the tackier the better. Definitely Bartman! It'd be fun to have more outfits associated with specific quests, like Barney's sober up or Wiggum's stakeout.
  • I love 'em! I'm a sucker for all the classic episode stuff.
  • It depends on your biggest neighbor multiplier. If you have a neighbor with a lot of premium decorations or simply a lot of patience, you really can get up to thousands per tap. I can post a screenshot of my SF bank account from doing this 4 times (but to save myself the trouble - it's 3.4m). Last collection I was getting…
  • That's not Mr. Plow's truck :( It's not even a plow. It's like....a John Deere street sweeper. Bah.

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