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  • I would guess August because there was a Fourth of July update last year
  • When I was thinking about it, the tv shows by the creator are similar to products made from the the same company: there's always going to be a better product.
  • I'm just glad that American Dad is still going to be on tv. I read that the Cleveland Show got cancelled last May.
  • To be able to be invisible when I want to be. There's a reason to this. My house is small so I usually hang in the living room. My living room has a huge window and the sad part is the window blinds are of poor quality. People can look from the outside even if my blinds are closed. And it's not a priority to get better…
  • I think if I remember this right, I got a mystery box from homer buddha and got nothing special.
  • What I did was send everyone on 24hr tasks for months. I leveled up to thirty something even though I didn't have all the buildings. After earning a whole bunch of money, I bought more buildings. Now, I have buildings that give me about 200,000 everyday if I tap them. I don't even need to rely on characters going to do…
  • I approve too. There's plenty of items in the tv show that should appear in the game. I'll be waiting...
  • Looks cool. Although, I am very bad when it comes to live action games. I hope I'm right when I say Dying Light is live action. I tend to stick to old rpg games or easy games. I mean old as in I hit the enemy and then they hit me. I'm still playing Havest Moon on snes. Simplicity=fun. I just felt lame for saying that.…
  • I been playing since last may so.. I'm fine with playing tsto for that long. I'm currently changing my Squidport so I'm waiting for those tiles one by one. I think if it's not that fun.. then maybe just play the updates and to keep up with limited time things, check sites to see what to expect like episode tie-ins. Log in…
  • It's not the same shape but the coin's two colours reminds me of a toonie, Canadian two dollar coin.
  • The TV was always on so I've seen a lot shows. Actually, I remember watching the first season of Simpsons when I was a kid.. wait? I might have been a toddler. I started watching the first season again and I was kind of surprised that I can guess what happens next in the episodes. I really liked Rugrats. I can't think of…
  • I love it. I understood part of it from the Lego movie. I felt too old for the movie because I have to admit I felt bored while watching it. I love the characters and the scene with all the lego from other movies, shows, etc. though. Especially when a certain yellow boy from Simpsons show up. :mrgreen:
  • Oh, I'll try. Thanks for letting me know. I always wait until later in the day to get prizes and such
  • Oh..lol that question mark was supposed to be a heart.
  • I started playing during the whacking day update, but I heard that you had to be a certain level to participate in the update. Also, I didn't join origin until later. I'm happliy waiting for whacking day this year. ?
  • On some holidays, we get donuts.
  • It's still too early for me to get the donuts. Down side to being in the pacific time zone. Oh well. Happy *. Patrick's Day!
  • I like Simpsons and Family Guy, so I going to be a happy camper to play both. If you guys are right about the date of the release then that's actually pretty soon. Woo!
  • Does anyone know when this update last? There's no time showing and I feel like doing the quests slower. I'm asking because I sped up the July 4th update last year thinking that I didn't have time to finish the quests, but I had time.

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