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  • I started playing TSTO almost a year ago, and convinced my wife to start playing a couple of weeks later. We've both had a lot of fun competing for designing the best Springfield, getting prizes during events, etc. It's been something we've really enjoyed doing together. For those who say spending money on premium items is…
  • If you ignore Sideshow Bob, you get penalized on righteousness points and then lose your bonus multiplier.
  • This! I freaking hate Sideshow Bob. I don't want to waste time looking for him, and I hate being penalized for ignoring him. The other big annoyance is characters who don't have 8 hour tasks.
  • I'm level 47, plan religiously two or more times a day. I try to make my Springfield look nice and well laid out. Looking for friends at any level who also are creative with their Springfield and visit daily. I don't care what level you are, so long as you play faithfully and don't have a bunch of house farms. Username:…
  • I also thought it wasn't there, and even posted in this forum that I couldn't find it either, and then my wife showed me how to work the little slider and locate the Thanksgiving section (along with all the other build categories. Looks like I'll be buying more donuts today...
  • Not true at all. I played twice a day -- in the morning before work, and in the evening after dinner -- and I got all the prizes without spending a single donut. I don't have an extra Simpson town and I only have 32 friends that I visit. It's completely do-able. I might add that my wife and I went away last weekend to…
  • I got the ray gun and shot down the alien, releasing Kodos. After that, I had this awesome pile of wreckage where the gun used to be, and I kept waiting and checking for the free ammo that never arrived. Finally, three days later, I looked in my inventory and saw that the gun had been moved there for some reason. Now I've…
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