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  • Sacks are huge in Football. Totally breaks immersion when players are not credited for every sack.
  • We should never see a defensive linemen pushing against an offensive linemen once the QB is behind the defensive linemen's back! Seeing that as I often have is probably the most immersion breaking animation in the game for me.
  • On default down to 35 all punters are awesome. I drop their power and accuracy to 35 and most still average over 45 yards a punt. When I cut power to 30 CPU punters don't seem to lose power but my punter does. Even with accuracy at 35 punters oft…
  • I can get a good running game with sliders. However it is rare to score a TD running near the goal line. Near the GL even mediocre D-linemen turn into beasts! They break blocks faster and are in the backfield quicker than they do away from the go…
  • QB's in the pocket are terrible. Even ones with high awareness will not see a blitzing player from a mile away, running straight at them. They get sacked without moving an inch. They take the snap, spin, and then throw the football. They seem to…
  • I only play coach mode. Madden 19 is the first Madden game I've been willing to play despite its incomplete coach mode. Please EA just add auto kicking. Also make it so I don't have to select a lineman to ensure my defender won't just stand there…
  • Up your offsides slider and you will see a better pass rush.
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