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  • It was sarcasm; thanks JayKay The irony was too much for me. The guy is clearly ****.
  • Nice work.
  • If you do buy donuts, please, whatever you do don't spend them on Mystery Boxes or Homer Buddhas! You'll only regret it and end up with $250 or a bunch of white fences and benches. I get the argument about investing real money in relation to the amount of time you play it; but my counter argument is do you NEED to spend…
  • I've spent a small amount of cash on TSTO, but no more than maybe £5. I figured that I had invested enough time into the game and enjoyed myself that they deserved some money. But then over xmas I lost my town, so the premium characters and stuff I had were all gone. Worse still a lot of the content that I had earned…
  • Expected this... Got this... Yey! EA! UPDATE: Could a higher level repost please?
  • Some thieving tykes just stole 20 snakes from me! I'm going to struggle to get the first prize at this rate. When did this become anti-social gaming?!
  • Fundamentally it's just wrong - limiting people to what they can do with their space. It's like letting a kid play in a massive garden and tethering them to one place; or giving someone a box of crayons and telling them they can only use 3 colours. It's scandalous! Creative players aren't to blame, neither are house farmer…
  • Haha! Yes to all the BBBQ/BYOBB people! Literally just had that scene going over in my head minutes before reading this thread. One of my favourite moments. You flyboys crack me up! Add me - craig1138986 - I'll share the egg love.
  • Ahhhh! Another house farmer 'ey? Hello my friend; I thought we were a dying breed. Add me craig1138986 - daily player and lover of donuts. You won't be able to get near my JS statue though, my farm is meticulously economical with sapce. Happy whacking! (Not a euphemism)
  • Yeah I get all of those problems, this absolutely kills my battery life (and social life for that matter). I play throughout the day at work, but tend to keep my phone (iphone 4s) plugged in otherwise I end up having to charge it 2-3 times! The game is like crack.
  • Add me too please - daily player. craig1138986
  • Nice work for the link Username. I'd hit the "Me too" button on Sherry's case, but I'm going to add a separate one too. Anything to get their attention. I'll confess to becoming a massive house farmer after I lost my level 21 town over xmas. So much premium stuff lost, and my town was so pretty! Bitterness can be a * haha.…
  • It's doing stuff like this that makes people house farm. Why pay this company hundreds of £$£$ when they treat their customers like dirt and over price everything? I've paid a small amount for some donuts and some scratchy cards because I enjoy the game and have spent a lot of time on it, but Frinks Lab and Scorpios…
  • I've got the same issue. You still get XP from completing tasks, just not from collecting stuff. I've set all my town to do 12-24hr tasks in the hope that this is fixed later.
  • Yep, and here. Worst. Update. Ever.
  • You see, this is the problem with online only games. I'm a big console gamer and to be honest the future and safety of gaming scares me because big companies like EA seem to favour virtual or server based products, so that they can charge more and have greater control over their titles. Look at the launch for the new Sim…
  • Me too. I need 1,047,457 xp to level up now.
  • I've got the same here. Levelled up last night, then I just updated and the xp needed for the next level is 1,047,457! (so not quite 10,000,000). Plus my xp isn't saving either! Which is seriously annoying because I've got a stack of White Houses waiting to be collected!
  • Hank Scorpio is already on there, so I'd have to say either Lionel Hutz or Troy McCLure. Maybe Gabbo? Gotta love any character voiced by Phil Hartman, god rest his soul.
  • Ha! Webber's a top guy. Would love to see him win a title, was gutted for him when Vettel sneaked his first a few years ago - spoilt brat! I'm a Williams fan - someone has to be. Back on topic, as long as the update doesn't hinder my quest to farm donuts, I'm happy. I'm due a mystery box tomorrow though. This always…

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