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  • Ok, I'll ask a stupid question here. Two actually. Where do I find out my multiplier, and how do I increase it without spending real money?
  • ^ I'm pretty sure he is saying he feels that whacking day should have gone on until 11:59 tonight. I was hoping to get more snakes today too, and was a little shocked when I was forced to update "early". Oh well, hopefully the next update brings some excitement back. Right now I'm sadly a little bored by the normal game…
  • That's what I had to do when my game reset, and it got me back to where I left off (minus the last save). I would think you'll be fine.
    in help Reply by quickegt May 2013
  • I came up about 1,000 short. The game seems to be missing something now. I didn't realize how much fun whacking day was until it was back to normal. Hopefully the next update brings some excitement back!
  • I had that issue myself during Whacking day. All of the sudden one day I was back to square one, starting at the opening scene. What I finally did to get my town back was to log out of Origin, stop The Simpsons, remove the Simpsons, then waited a day to install it again. It gave me an error saying something about my last…
  • Feel free to add me. quickegt. I'm on everyday.
  • Thanks for the tip. I have lost so many donuts accidentally hitting the button.
  • I think the extension is to give the people who's account was lost, frozen whatever the opportunity to make up for the lost time. I for one am very grateful for the extension. I was pacing to finish, and then lost a week due to my town disappearing. Every option suggested didn't work, finally one did. Back to whacking I…
  • Possibly a stupid question, but I see the download origin button on my Android when viewing their website. Can I just do this there?
  • I'm in the same boat. I really have no way of removing friends at this point. Ugh.
  • So glad for the extension. I lost over a week while my game was lost/reset. Trying to make up for lost time.
  • Just lost my Springfield tonight. I've logged on several times today and had no issues. Logged on just now, and saw the opening sequence. My stomach dropped after reading so many others experience this. Yep, I'm back to level 1. If this can't be fixed, I will remove the game. Not starting all over again, especially after…
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