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Level 43 Freemium player... For now at least....


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  • Reminds me of a great tune...... I fought the game, ...... And .... The game won.... Haha Happy tapping!
  • Anna, all I can offer is to wish you patience. After about 8 tickets and getting the same garbage from 4 different reps, I got a hold of one guy just now (4am EST) and within 10 seconds he refunded my 120 donuts. What an absolute joke for customer service differential treatment. Even though I got my donuts I told him about…
  • Phew.... First time I've ever seen do many things active at once. Thanks neighboreeno, thought I lost my marbles....
  • Lmao... All insomniacs please report to coffee and DOGNUT shop!!
  • Merry Christmas neighboreeno! :) I hope more players catch on and place the cannon and elf door close together, makes going through the neighboureenos so much faster! Kudos again to you John, Merry Christmas neighboreeno
  • Cheers oh merry neighboureenos!! :) I wasn't sure because I have experienced both the bell and the fuse on top of cannons. What worried me is when I tap the fuse the cannon starts firing. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.... I will continue going for cannons and elf doors as long as it's giving my neighboreenos the bonus bells. Merry…
  • I wanted to ask a question. Usually when I visit a neighbor the Canon has a bell which I always go for along with the elf door bell. Just now I saw the fuse on top of the cannon instead of the usual bell. When I tapped on the fuse the Canon fired the elves in the bottles. Did I just waste one of my neighbors cannon blasts?…
  • Me thinks you've done very well by proposing this strategy neighboreeno. Thank you much. Merry Christmas neighbor, Merry Christmas everyone! Merry tapping :)
  • First, thank you sandwedgeking for the most awesome hosting and contest. Super job kind sir. :thumbup: All the entrants get my vote for effort and taking the time to enter. Kudo's all around. 1-O 2-U 3-R Happy tapping
  • My pleasure. I lost a bit of time getting characters to start their next tasks right away, but thankfully going to KrustyLand fixed it. I read so many people having issues and hoped it would help. Glad it helped you out. Happy tapping :) keithzilla208 12/23/2014 13:23:51 Subject: Re:Have to visit KrustyLand to clear…
  • I cannot agree more. Between the constant crashing, the constant retry screen, that smirk on Bart's face, and now this Having to go back-and-forth every single task. It's got old a while ago now it's just time to be taken out back and spoken to in a very stern voice... C'mon EA YOU CAN DO IT!
  • NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain't so Barry. No more Santa? Sniffle...
  • Try visiting KrustyLand after you tap the characters as finished in Springfield. I noticed I have to do this every time now to get credit for completing the task. Happy tapping
  • I admit I chuckle at this every time also. Wee little tractors. I can just imagine Willie getting so angry that his big hands are having trouble handling those wee little toys!! Haha. AAARRRGGHHH I'll kill ya ya wee little tractor!!
  • Yes. Same task here. I'm hoping that it's just a grammatical error and we are to drop Feds instead of calling them. Time, or donuts, will tell. Just excited to get a plow truck, even though it's not my favorite Mr. Plow truck, I'm excited!
  • Yes, I noticed a couple. The Grand Pumpkin is snowless. Also, of all things, my Santa's village has no snow on the trees or building... Still can't get over the convertibles (the mayors and the one with the drive thru) leaving their top down all winter! Even though they are thin, we also get snow atop the stop signs here…
  • No worries. It has been discussed here with more detail but it is the same for everyone. You only get so many presents then only cash comes in. Sorry can't be more help Edit. Ninja'd - oh btw, happy early bday Neuro :)
  • Condolences to you Eva. I feel much better. I just finished clearing out some neighbours, for various reasons, and am slowly repopulating neighbours. The game is more fun (for me anyway) now that I have neighbours that I feel contribute more. What a pleasant change.... At least there's a positive somewhere! It is what it…
  • Hmm. I was away for what seemed like such a short period but missed some posts and now they're gone... I'm so confused ;) I created this post in good faith, with no intentions of upsetting people enough to the point they need to personally attack anyone, or even the need to swear, let a lone bypass it ..... Let's all have…
  • Actually I do have life. One that involves discussion and resolution. Perhaps I should have said "we" instead of just me. I meant it for everyone having issues. Sorry for not making that clear. My sound is on but only two items that had sound NO LONGER HAVE SOUND. If I choose to play and bring up items that would displease…
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