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i am a man with an addictive personality & artistic tendencies. i write down what the voices say in my head, write & play the noise up there on multiple instruments, shoot photography & film, edit all of the above, make jewelry & other random things, & now i can't stop playing this simpsons game, dammit...


somewhere betwen heaven & hell
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  • hahaha, that is awesome; thank you for capturing & sharing that...!
  • hmm, i quit trying a long time ago cause i've ALWAYS lost; i just tried for the 20k prize & lost yet again, but -2k is much better than -5k. i'll try for a better odds game next time, so we'll see how it goes...
  • wow, there are so many tasks that i wasn't even aware of until now! i have an android, so i didn't have a chance to get a LOT of cool character skins, tasks, etc from holidays & other specials, especially last year's halloween stuff, which i hope will somehow become available again. i do like most of the outside tasks in…
  • i would absolutely love to have maggie crawling around town...!
    in Maggie. Reply by repus420 June 2013
  • congratulations, that is awesome! i have been playing multiple times a day for a couple of months now & have yet to receive this elusive item, & i even have a 2nd account for my evil gemini twin, but still no lemon tree YET for either. however, you just renewed my faith in receiving this golden gem, so thank you, & enjoy…
  • i have been going crazy trying to figure out why this mission was "stuck" while it said completed & this worked; thank you so very much...!!!
  • & this has nothing to do with the os, as i have an android, while many of my friends have iphones...
  • have you downloaded origin to your computer? from there you can add or delete people from your friends list, & in the situation you are in, which i just figured out cause i was having the exact same issue, i logged onto the origin program on my laptop & got the message saying that either they already had too many friends…
  • thank you for the information here. so if i see graffiti in a friend's town & clean it up for them, than instead of them seeing the mop, it'll show them a handshake instead, & i get righteousness points for cleaning up their town, but they still get xp & cash either way...? i just want to make sure i'm not taking away from…
  • i was having them also, so i put the snake w/the helmet in inventory & it seems to have stopped it for now, as it was getting VERY annoying. i hope this helps anyone...!
  • happens to me sometimes too, but i just have to reload the game & they show back up. i hope this helps you...!
  • i had over 200 eggs that i was about to distribute & then lost them all, ****...?!?! ea, you should have given us a specific end time &/or some type of credit for all of the unused eggs - this is REALLY disappointing... >=\
  • may be last minute, but i'm adding you & play daily multiple times, but just started so i'm only almost halfway thru the egg prizes, so i'd gladly accept any you have left over, as i don't have many friends yet, so thank you for your awesomeness...! aloha, repus420
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