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  • (Quote) Also what bothers me is people who make excuses for THIEVES. People that stick up for immoral acts are also morally corrupt. Even if they did not commit the act themselves.
  • You are a thief, and you know that you are a thief. You just want people to feel bad for you when it blew up in your face. You knew ahead of time that you were trying to acquire donuts that you did not pay for legitimately. You deserve what happened…
  • I went the cheap Chinese tablet route. I have a " Cube talk 9x with 32g storage. " The only problem I have is that sometimes I get an error screen telling me the game needs at least 10 megs to run, even tho I have hundreds of megs free. S…
  • I'm a big fan of the show, and I would pay real money to have them walking around my Springfield. Also a Krustyland type area for Futurama would be great. I don't care how they explain it being there.
  • (Quote) I've been playing that Clash of Clans game for quite a few months now, and you don't need any money at all to get everything. When it came the time that i had enjoyed playing, and felt like giving something to the makers of the game, I had…
  • I got promoted too. Wonder if my avatar works?
  • I like Krustyland. I wish they would go all out with it. Krustyland has more than enough land, just not enough content.
  • Since it's already an online only game, maby they could just stream in cut scenes. That way they don't take up as much room on our devices. We also wouldn't need the ones we already have permanently in our devices. And this could free up some more r…
  • I have gotten the donut prize 3 times. Many months apart tho.
  • Crazy Cat Lady. I've wanted her for a long time.
  • How long did the Yard Sale run for last year?
  • Whichever update gave us the Crazy Cat Lady. She is funny.
  • Many just a discount for buying more than 2 premium items at one time. Or something like this 300 donut purchase = 5% off 400 donut purchase =10% off 500 donut purchase =15% off And so on....... I know that I am more likely to spend more overall if…
  • Im going to wait till the next holiday update to plant corn. The last couple of holiday events rushed my crop, and I like watching my corn grow fast. My fastest plant to harvest rush for corn is 3 minutes.from this Easter. Besides I'm still hoping f…
  • I deleted maby 25 or so during the Easter event, when they hadn't played for at least a week. However, iI have some neighbors who quit months ago, but left an enormous house farm behind. I can probably visit them for a couple more months. If you de…
  • I would like to see Krusty Land expansion, and Monorail additions. Also Stonecutters seems like it would be neat also. Krusty Land should be easy, because of all the good ideas Universal has come up with.
  • As many times as I have sworn that I would never spend any more money on this game, I did. I bought a 25 dollar play card, and only managed to get a half dozen Kang topiaries. I then got another 10 dollar card, then got Hugs, Sheri, and Blocko, righ…
  • I never collected on their tasks, and I still have Moe and Ralph doing theirs. Going to ride this one out as long as I can. EA should make those permanent, or at least some variation of, with the same animation. I wonder if we all posted and bumped …
  • I still have Moe and Ralph doing their Easter tasks after the update, but only because I didn't cash them out after the update. They might have that "ready to collect" symbol above their heads, but I'm not tapping it. I wonder how long I c…
  • I feel bad for yall folks. I have an IPPOv8. It's some kind of Chinese knock-off. It has an 8 inch screen, dual core 1.6 GH processor, 1 gig of ram, 2 Gb of storage, and 4 gigs of onboard SD storage. I can zip from one end of town to the other, and…

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