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  • (Quote) This is unrelated to the update, but I'd like to point out how much I love that British people use the word "chuffed." Such a great word.
  • (Quote) Jeez, cut the guy some slack. He never claimed those things were coming on Jan. 10, or any specific day, for that matter. All he said was that he poked around in the code and found files with those names on them. And several of the things h…
  • To answer the original question ... no, SLH is not worth 150 doughnuts, imo. He's cute and it's cool having him running around town, but he's purely aesthetic. No missions, no bonus ... he's pure decoration. When you consider that you can get buildi…
  • (Quote) I'm inclined to agree. Plus, there's a thread on here somewhere in which a guy peeked into the code and supposedly found a fair amount of new content, all of which had "snow" versions. While I'll concede that designing is much ha…
  • (Quote) I especially wanted to highlight the bolded part. A date was listed, not a time, and even then, it's not like the world ends if it's a day late. Further, I've yet to see ANYWHERE that EA has promised any form of update ... they just said it…
  • (Quote) Same here. I figured he just wanted to create room for more interesting SFs. No hard feelings, but I'll miss seeing his antics.
  • (Quote) I want a new Grug One that won't make me crick One that won't make me thrash my bar Or make me eel tree seat chick
  • I'm sure this has been addressed elsewhere, so my apologies if this is repetitive, but ... Do we have any confirmation from EA that this "update" is anything more than ending the Christmas coins and limited items? I saw the thread where s…
  • I sincerely doubt that there's any hidden pattern or trick to the Mystery Box or Homer Buddha. I suspect the code just has a list of items and a probability attached to each one, with the best items having a very low chance of showing up.
  • I started corn a few days ago. The day after I started it, I got a "Grow Tomacco" quest. So I'll be having that little icon taunting me for the next three months. Dammit.
  • I haven't done any full redesigns yet, but I'm way overdue for one. But because I bought land in such a stupid fashion, the eastern border of my Springfield is jagged ... I've been gradually buying land to square it out, and I don't want to do a dra…
  • Yeah, I'd echo what everyone else has said: better to hold off a day or two, since the update is right around the corner. That said, I have the brewery and love it. Duffman's tasks are repetitive, no doubt, but they're mostly outside. And remember …
  • (Quote) Can't you just box the House of Evil? Why keep it up if it bothers you? I like the Burns Monster, but it looks completely out of place without the Halloween motif. I wish there were a way to box the non-quest characters.
  • (Quote) I've only seen him twice, and both times he seemed to be rather quick. It'd be hard to get a screen shot, and if I saw him again (which hasn't happened in months), I'd probably be too giddy to think about snapping one.
  • The Halloween buildings all produce cash at the same rate they produced treats. I was able to incorporate them into my Springfield, so they're still up. I can't imagine how I'd work the Santa Village into mine, but if you think it would work in your…
  • (Quote) Ha! Yes. I realize it's probably not codeable, but if he did the Pinnafore bit on a boat in a river, it would be spectacular.
  • The sign is something I plan to get only after I have the land maxed out. It's so freaking huge. I'll echo what it seems a lot of others are saying: Otto, Frink, or Bumblebee Man. Of the three, I like Frink the best ... the lab looks great, he's go…
  • Eh, what the hell. rrpj007 I have everything decorated except the Volcano Lair (which I haven't purchased yet).

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