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  • Wow that's a cool idea :) thank you for that :) Ruby
  • hahaha, tazzy i got the green monster, but never noticed the cat eating task.. 4junk... uhm you meant i i bought donuts? only 1 time... not sure why i did that.. LOL... but im a non paying player... i was just saying when you done all the tasks, and a event is over i find it a bit boring without elfs, snakes or eggs…
  • cat eating? think i was not here when that happend.. and sorry to say would not play that event... got two very lovely cats... could not eat them, even if i tried :( :!: :? :shock:
  • ok glad to see i'm not the only one... sigh I need something else to smack/hit/whatever, only got 1 task at a a time to do now... (looking for some snakes, or feds who are still hiding in my town... )
  • All filled up for now, thanks all :) rubychubb
  • Yay, :-) Thank's all, it worked :-) Ruby
  • owww... i see a spinning donut now, does that mean it works again? crossing fingers :shock: :shock: :shock: :P :XD: :lol: :lol: :D :thumbup: it works again... whoohoo :)
  • same here in Holland, retry ....retry .....retry.......,cannot connect to server but no update message or any available in the store :?: got a pop-up that friends send Feds to my town, so someone is able to play. been trying for over an hour now :? :evil: :evil:
  • same here... loading screen saying not connected and try again.. i am connected.. doing 3 jobs and poef crashes... taking forever to load again... so sorry neighbors cant visit, it just wont let me.. Nexus 7 android 4.4.4
  • really ???? secret bonus is 3 donuts.... what the hell
  • using my donuts now... sigh to bad but i want to get this last thing to end... before it ends it for me 25 more damn only 4 donuts left and need 25 so 5 left... got a spy so need 1 more... arrghhh
  • 55 needed.... and i looked for that... but no option.... will check later am afraid to leave the game now... :!:
  • just need 15 min ok 8 now... and will get auto update... playing on android.... so crossing fingers no loss of connection... after that i dont care lol... need some new quests... but for the now... leave my connection... gameplay alone.... please :) 7 minutes need 500 emblems ... so close damn only getting 400 :(
  • my vote is F... an big F... not enough time to get all the prices... to many times it hit the gold and never got enough to get prices there... next time when we got a price delete it from the gift thingy... this was a "too much gifts and not enought time" event... and fix the game crashing...
  • i kicked some non playing neighbors... so i need new ones... :) add me rubychubb
  • I need more neighbours... am dropping a lot of non players sooooo ad me ... rubychubb :)
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