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  • What I'd really like is to just click a button and assign everyone to a task of a certain length, so I don't have to tap as much. E.g. when all the characters are free, set them to all do 24 hours tasks (or a duration as close as possible if they don't have a 24hr) with one tap.
  • I'm just under 2,000 away from the donut torture device and I'm not going to be able to use my phone much at all tomorrow. Should I leave my ~90 gift bags stashed and save them for when the rayguns or protein chains unlock rather than opening them now and just getting probes that I won't have a use for? And should I even…
  • When I had my righteousness go down to 0.5 stars (possibly due to the fact that my buildings get vandalized ~4x a day...), I bought training walls until it went up to 5 stars. I have 14 training walls now.
  • The counter on my game says there's still about 650,000 to go before he is unlocked....shouldn't everyone be at the same number and so he should be unlocked for everyone? Edit: A few minutes later, it is not at 978 million and I've now unlocked him.
  • The wheel is a lot nicer than just getting a mystery box prize...hopefully sometime soon I'll get something better than lights!
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