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  • Ok thanks, was wondering if he was super huge cause he had the face clouds haha
  • Anyone have a picture of God?
  • Ah ok, LPNintendiITA. Thanks! Guess I'm boned on that one for a while.
  • Thank you Twiglet I'll give that a try. All I know is I've seen other people post about the issue a year ago with no solution offered. So this will be the first thing that might help
  • I'm sorry, was I sposed to know this particular character questline quest was going to become unavailable after the event, and fall behind on said event? Character quest lines are Almost always available after an event. I've been playing since this game started. And that advice doesn't help me now.
  • It takes a couple quests to get to the neighbor part. Do t worry though you only get 1 wand and booger from a goblin!
  • Man every time I get close to unlocking all the land they add more. After a while I gave up and they literally stopped adding land. Then eventually they did and so I went ahead and srarted working on it specially since I can make money better than I could before. Now every time I get three or four tiles from doing it all…
  • I'd definitely like this for certain items for sure. Cars and parking lot tiles for example. It makes it difficult to make all of stuff look right. For cars they could prolly just draw one additional drawing and flip it for the fourth veiw.
  • All my payouts are doubled. When I get to the last prize and finish it, it starts back at the beginning. I've gotten the fifth prize at least 6 times by now.
  • Yes just opened the app there was one of those main menu downloadings and opened the game to chat bubbles that did not loop anymore so yay!
  • I been thinking about getting the natural history museum for a long time so my mutant rabbit could have a 4 hour task like everyone else and stop being so special needs for me. So I was saving up free donuts. I was literally 97 donuts with just hours left for the find Maggie game to be ready to get three donuts, when they…
  • Omg so much good news. I've had arnie with the stonecutter costume in to avoid flying tasks and stored Norbert because of his flying tasks. I like to send everyone not doing specific things on 4 hour tasks. When I had got the fairy costume for the alien I was disappointed it was a flying task cause then I would never get…
  • I had just placed the last building for the mini event. How long is the build time because the you finished the quest line appeared right away. I tapped that then the mini event menu popped up with a picture of Lisa on a lil stage. I read what was on the left of her but before I could read the right side (to see what new…
  • What annoys me is the events where people need to clear neighbor taps. Bunch of my neighbors never clear them so there's nothing to available to tap since they were already tapped by others. I like ones like the homerpalooza event we just had that every neighbor has something to tap even if they haven't played in 5 years.…
  • I usually don't cost outside of events unless I need donuts so I hope for them to drop and visit everyone. I don't care if people graffiti me. I know it was sposed to lower something but it never affected me much. I seem to remember criminal characters had certain tasks that lowered that rating and the only real way to up…
  • Well a few months back my game would crash (well it always did this but this is when I fixed it) when I visited a few random neighbors. I started to actually pay attention to which town was doing it and saw it was usually someone who hadn't played in a while. I begrudgingly went thru my friends and deleted anyone who…
  • I'd love for that decor/building that was like an evil clown to be altered to send all the kids in trickertreating tasks at once. This one at a time business is just worthless. Zombie sandwhi. Can send many zombie tasks at one time.
  • Glad to see I'm not the only one. Forced closing isn't stopping it either, it just keeps going from moe's pitchfork dialogue to the start of the chat bubbles over and over.
  • Schliematt : add me please. active everyday. during events will at least do enough friend taps as the events give you things for, assumin the game isnt crashin as I visit them (literally there are times it crashes every other town, it gets too frustrating.). Usually go a - z one day and z - a the next day. the other day…
  • I hadnt heard of a double gift bag thing. But a few moments ago i opened the app and got a message in a black box I thought was something else and it hit me as it flashed off screen that it was new. Only thing i picked off it was the word "Holiday" Do you think that is what the message was about? Ive had the app on and off…
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