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  • Well after 3 days my tile is back up. I have 7 spaces left if anyone wants taps. Scribbleuk78
  • My tile has been active since the day after this thread was started but I'm only getting 2 or three handshakes a day. But I am getting quite a few hauntings around the squid port area. Not quite sure what's happening there. I've also noted on my daily rounds that only very few people have tiles ready including most of the…
  • I've just cleared a few inactive neighbours so have a few spaces for tile tapping friends. My tile is ready and waiting. It was a 2 1/2 day build so should be worth 650ish per tap. I'm xp hungry so if you add me I'll be sure to tap your tile too. Scribbleuk
  • Very true however most of us who read these forums will have friend lists filled with others from here. So hopefully the message will go around to leave the tile floating.
  • In my experience the average tile tap is around 650 and you can tap the tile 3 times which is nearly 2000 xp per neighbour so if all 100 towns have tile ready then you will probably hit the xp bonus donuts faster than goo bonus. I've sped my tile up now too so it's there if anyone wants the xp. I still have a few places…
  • Thanks for the people who researched this. I visited all my friends earlier and even though only a dozen or so of them had tiles I've never earned so much xp. Some tiles were worth over 800 xp. My tile is ready in the morning and I have 8 friend spaces in case anyone fancies tapping on it. I'm scribbleuk78 Thanks
  • I don't think tapping the group button has any effect. When I tried it the counter would drop back down again every minute or so. I guess that the increments we see are just programmed to go up at an average rate and the real total is updated every few minutes. That is of course if the totals are real at all.
  • I don't know why hacking (stealing) digital content is seen a acceptable, at least enough to flaunt it on a public forum. If I'd just stolen £5000+ of goods from a shop I certainly wouldn't be shouting about it on the official forum of that company.
  • How did you manage to get over 175000 donuts?!? That's surely over $7000 worth!
  • According to thinkgaming.com tsto has 2.7 million daily users. If all of these hit 10000 goo then we should finish at over 25 billion. Which is enough for 5 billion prize increments. Also that is just daily users, don't forget the casual players who will also add a few thousand and the majority of us on the forums who will…
  • Hi. I always leave a few eggs when I visit neighbours and it really frustrates me when I can see that people have clicked on my buildings but have not left even a single egg. So if you can help me out by being a kind neighbours then please add me. ScribbleUK78 Thanks
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