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  • You have 5,300 and that seems low? No, not low at all. 5,300 is bucketloads of tickets. I have about 67 tickets right now after upgrading some characters. I've got two characters at 4 stars, and about six others at 3.5 stars. I decided not to use donuts to upgrade. I have only spent 500 AB on one ball and have not…
  • I've got 105 donuts total that I got awarded for various reasons for free in the last several events. I may consider purchasing some more. I'm thinking of getting Boobarella, as I didn't get her last Halloween.
  • This game didn't load for me during whatever the last update was. Every time I opened the app, it quickly shut itself down again. Now with the Halloween update, it has luckily started working again. :D
  • If Krustyland loaded faster, that would increase my interest in going there. Also, it's always the same pattern of tasks: Build expensive ride or building, get characters to use it, then build another ride or building, and so on. Considering it takes me a long time to save up tickets to purchase each building/ride, it can…
  • Oh sure there is a solution for this but that doesn't guarantee that the problem won't repeat itself! I logged out and logged back in after I first had the no handshakes issue, and this trick worked just fine. I did get the "your other device has deleted this town" message thing but found a solution to that at this forum…
  • I'm glad to see it's not just my town. I thought my friends had drastically reduced their amount of tapping after the event finished and was starting to get annoyed that people would stop visiting neighbours just because there is no event on any more. I haven't seen any handshakes in my town for days, despite receiving…
  • I have two neighbours who are both at 0 emblems so I will be deleting them soon. One of these used to be a very active player with a Springfield bigger and better than mine with lots of premium items. He/she spent all that money only to quit playing.
  • I have somewhere between 10,000 and 11,000 and the chart says I should be at 21,000 by today's date so I might not get all the prizes. Ah, well, I'll keep plugging along and see how far I get. 8)
  • Any active player can add me please: kerfufflez I am level 40, not level 41 as I said in the other add thread. I am nearly at level 41 though! Daily player and play several times a day during challenges/events.
  • I am level 41, play every day. Several times a day if a challenge is on. I've just deleted some inactive neighbours and would like new active ones please :mrgreen: kerfufflez is my game username.
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