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  • It was going so good too; except the small amount of neighbors you can visit.
  • Eww... Wendell pukes and throws it at them. That is awesome.
  • Thanks for the response to all the Duff drinkers out there who responded... Mmm... Duff.
  • Bart fighting a dystopian gang. AWESOME! EA finally gave Bart an event. An event that makes sense for his character. Bart in a way is a leader, as he can round up his fellow peers to fight for a playground. He did it against Nelson. Will there be death from above waterballons? Sound I buy Wendell or the dodgeball kid? Or…
  • Thanks for the input. Got Agent Bont.
  • To bad there isn't a task to put the DNC next to the RNC and have a tank truck drive through both of them.
  • Suspenders remind me of my grandpa. I don't know if sizes in the UK are all in even sizes, but I got a 35 inch waste (88.9 cm for all you metric people). 34 cut off the blood supply and 36 are hanging pass my ****. Wondering what the states have? I'm tired of wearing a belt. Another reason to bring back suspenders: women…
    in Sad Reply by shoskin December 2017
  • I have spent to much time on this game. My town might be a C.F., but it's still my town. Probably leaving because they got a faster internet speed: “I invented a program that downloads *orn off the internet one million times faster.” – Benjamin “Does anybody need that much porno?” – Marge Simpson “Ohhh, one million times.”…
  • The dialog has suck lately. It's just plain sucked! I’ve seen some dialog with vharacters suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked! It just plain sucked. On another note: snow to the Bay Area would rock. The world owes me a snow day.
  • Ok, I know this has already answered and I did look to see if I could find my answer, so here is my questions: 1. Does Waverly Hills still have hidden XP? 2. Do I have to have all the pieces of the upgrades placed? 3. Do I need to upgrade everything to level 5 like the hidden hideaway? Thanks in advance.
  • So I won a boat load of donuts. Mmmm... donuts. Wait where was I. Oh, which box is the one most likely to give me xp? I'll probably buy Springfield gorge and stick it into heights, but two fullslots :#
  • Nerrrrrrrrrrrrrds!
  • I work at a grocery store and we have tons. None of that curd crap Michael Stipe eats either. Plus we already have one. But is it wrong to ask for a event like Thanksgiving not to be P.C? Lisa getting on her soapbox? They even brought out Quinn, who basically a sexist and proved Lisa was one too. I loved this show because…
  • Thank you, someone gets it. To me it sounds Hollywood. Like I said before, eat a lot of food and hopefully watch the Cowboys lose. Other than that, I get to be around the people I care most about and the best dog in the world. I'm very thankful for that. Plus, hopefully no Twitter crap from a certain person. Peace
  • I was more hitching about the p.c. don't eat the turkeys crap. I want Homer to be a glutton like he always is. If he gave in to Lisa he be selling out.
  • Went for it and did the character box and got Francesca. Ciao bella.
  • I got this too. I will now have three, not counting the original. Bart and her seem to be few a far between.
  • Gues Guess What? Chicken **** Guess Where? Chicken hair Guess Why? Chicken thigh Guess when? Chicken hen Guess Who? Chicken poo There is a bunch.
  • ¡Ay, caramba!
  • Really? I get more aggravated when they don't offer more stations. I still need the Kristy Burger stop.
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