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  • I just tune out here, I can't. You say "appears to be unregulated" as if it might be but or even should be, but isn't. It isn't "regulated" and they don't tell you what your odds are. Never Have Never Will. OK? Quit crying like a little baby about it. Go play another mode, you've made this rant enough times. You're…
  • Tap the brakes on that one. People would still buy the packs. They read these forums and still buy them. They even buy the packs, complain, and then buy the packs.
  • See I don't know if you're serious or sarcastic. Fifty? Is that a lot or not much? Can't tell because it could be either.
  • This. I'm not saying the same person is asking for it both ways. But the community is. People want to have their ideal team at a cost they can personally afford but want everyone else to have bad teams that are expensive. It's called whining.
  • LOL. No, neither the football conference nor the securities commission gives a flip about you losing money on a video game. I hope this isn't an actual belief/hope by anyone but the truly stupid - that EA has to give you what you want if you spend past your personal pain threshold or they can get in trouble. HAHA.
  • The same thing happened with the Halloween set. I spent 100 on packs the first night and got only 3 collectibles and no stars. I haven't bought a "collectible" pack since. Get collectibles on the AM.
  • I'll make it five out of five who say no. Fifty? That sounds bad. I never go above the 20s ever. It's your internet.
  • Lidstrom from a lowly gold pack.
  • Nice review. Booth was someone I had to get in order to complete the Heatley set and he is a beast. You can tell by market prices how much everyone likes each guy. I noticed people who were the first to list Booth listed him way higher than the others in the set.
  • Hmmm... is this an ingenius way to torpedo a segment of the market before going all in on it?
  • It takes 28 Halloween collectibles and 21 or 22 carbons. I bought all the collectibles the first night at about 25k each after getting only 3 in my ten pack max per day buy. Ten packs at ten dollars each and got three collectibles. So there was that cost too. So that's about 700k plus 1.4 mil so it costs over 2 million to…
  • The HUT Heroes idea was great when I first heard it because I could get Marty Turco. And it turned out even better than I thought it would. I like Heroes. You were going to run into stacked teams this year no matter what. If wasn't Heroes it would be other high-priced players. The prob isn't with Heroes, you just don't…
  • MUH HAHAHAHA! They drove me out of the EASHL and into the fertile noob-slaying grounds of HUT to own you for all eternity. BAH HAHAHAHA! I am Human Goalie Troll! Seriously, if you get owned by human goalies, you are basically the lowest-skilled form of life in EA hockey. Go play BAP and mess with the sliders or something…
  • There's five J. Quick's out there right now for 29K. After him I like Crawford in the bargain category. FWIW I play position lock G, so I'm not rating them based on how they are as cpu goalies. Quick and Crawford are both breakaway/shootout beasts and good for wrap-arounds for level 89 and below. Opinions will definitely…
  • https://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/72691862.jpg
  • Lindros AGR - 97, No. 1 in the game CHK - 97 No. 1 (Daneyko, Grossman) FS - 91 No. 3 in the game STR - 97 No. 1 in the game FO - 91 No. 4 player, No. 7 card Plus, he has the HH synergy. So far, he dishes out game-ending injuries on a regular basis and wins faceoffs - there's only three other C's in the game with a higher…
  • Price93 is the G for Montreal now instead of the 92. It's a huge difference. The 93 is the WCH card and it is amazing. https://youtu.be/qhpodgGMV-0
  • I wouldn't sell him. It's not a good time to sell that kind of card and he's a player who will be on the team at the end of the season. I can't stand spending money on in-between players - players who are better than what you have now, but aren't your top pick for that position. You end up empyting and refilling the same…
  • The three most expensive goalies in the game have CG and OT as synergies -- Roy 96, Price 94 and Kolzig. And then there's Emery - he has CG/OT but he's a DC that's kind of "free?" So if you just want those synergies, Emery is great. And also he's a great goalie too. Great CPU and human goalie.
  • Buy packs. Then buy more packs. Don't listen to anyone who tells you not to buy packs. Everything in a pack is worth a lot now. I haven't bought a single player on the auction market. How's that for conflicting advice? HAHA. Seriously, packs are the way now.
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