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  • > @roman65 said: > Just wondering how many of us there are? Playing for about 10 years (though first 5 w/o registration, was too lazy))) Got 10000% finally, and dreamed my first post will be about that, but this new member stuff does't allow to add pictures. Can't quote either...Like forum was designed in 1995 and never…
  • > @djeffoo said: > Been playing for 7 years now.... but to get a profile image: I've been playing for about 10 years, I have 10000+% and to post the picture with this achievement I need to have 3 posts and points? Cool stuff, like we are in 1995... Cool >:)
  • I just registered with my Origin Id and I don't see the tool bar at all :-( No way to add a picture... No way even to quote((( I was reading the forum for many years, wanted to have my first post with 10 000% picture and it doesn't work. Upsetting.
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