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  • Less than a day left and I can't get the freaking gazebo. Great!!! And you people with the cleared stickers are beyond irritating.
  • Just as the update resolved your problems, my game has started constantly crashing. I guess no one will be able to win. Maybe I need to give this game a rest for a while.
  • Interestingly enough, I am friends with the same player and my game also crashes when I try their town. Aside from that, since today's New Years update my game has all of a sudden been crashing when I enter towns or do stuff in my town. It has become very unstable.
  • Today for the first time ever, I won a mystery box of 10 donuts. Then less than a minute later while dehaunting my houses, the game crashed. When I came back, everything was reset. My new mystery box, $250 cash.....FML. This game has been so unstable, since this update and that incident was the icing. While I am loving the…
  • Nope. The disappearing tickets is just a glitch, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with other people tapping it. The trick is to start tapping the entrance area before KrustyLand loads. A lot of times you will successfully tap the ticket. Sometimes, if you missed it the first time and you return to the town. You can…
  • Tapping you neighbour's brown houses and other properties that generate in less than 10 minutes doesn't really help your neighbours at all. The purpose of tapping properties is supposed to be mutually beneficial. You are supposed to be helping your friends reduce the time required to generate the money/tickets earned on a…
  • You want to contact EA to rectify something that you opted to do in your own game. Jesus take the wheel!!!
  • I love that image. A night effect toggle option would be great.
  • On three occasions (while visiting a neighbour's town), my game crashed when I tried to tap him. That never happened before the latest update.
  • Oh my gosh, I have never more whole heatedly agreed with someone more on this forum. And I think most of the people who fawn over them are the same people small subset of folks who constantly brag about their hideous signatures. Their taste level is generally low.
  • I have never gotten a single donut in mystery box. And a week where I get white fences is a good one. Because, I mostly get $250 cash. So the fact that ur whining is particularly irritating.
  • You should follow this thread. This guy offers the service that you are looking for Panoramic views http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9329979.page
  • OP - You house farm with over 500 houses, but you have an inspirational town. In my mind, the two are almost mutually exclusive. I am skeptical. Me too. Actually, I am more excited about buying and developing beach front property than inland. I don't house farm. But I did recently buy a lot of donuts during Gil's event.…
  • MULTISELECT MULTISELECT MULTISELECT MULTISELECT MULTISELECT Because most of the time all you want to do is move parts of your town or a specific subset of items to new areas. Not move individual items items one by one to create the same setup.
  • Yeah. I am actually really digging designing my seashore set up more than the boardwalk. BTW, has anyone noticed this bug, when Ken Brockman goes to relax on one of the beach chairs, located on the shore? He's actually laying on the serving tray not the chair.
  • This is a huge misnomer. Neighbours are NOT actively stealing your tiles, when they tap on them. No tiles are added to their inventory. Before I was aware of the bug, I mistakenly tapped a tile (early on when squid port had just became available). In doing so, nothing was added to my inventory and the compensation was the…
  • Maybe they take your words out of context, because you are a bloody over-the-top drama queen.
  • AMEN!!!! Agree with every word in that comment.
  • Yeah me too, over the last few days I have seen a significant shift in the snake to egg ratio. Of course it does seriously jeopardize the deals that I have with my egg buddies. I think that the game designers must have adjusted the algorithm. In the past, I wished that whacking would yield more snakes. Now, I desperately…
  • Hmm, teach me your secrets brother. Still struggling to get 500 snakes/day. But anyways, I should be able to reach the 12500 before Whacking Days are done. When I am finished I definitely want to keep on racking up eggs. I have noticed on the forums and the blogs that there are a lot of people struggling to make up the…

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