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  • just out of curiosity, for the people who vote that the game is still loads of fun, how long have you been playing? I've noticed that a lot of my friends who have been playing forever like me are now seldom visiting their towns. Kind of sad how many of them are dropping off now.
  • even Homer make a crack in the lame guinea pig update about EA not making land... or something like that. seriously. the land is pathetic. it is like EA could care less about something so many players want.
  • big-hearted people don't get bent out of shape by a post like this - even if they don't feel motivated to do the same. A big person will always applaud another's efforts. If this post makes you feel anxious, angry or uneasy, that's called a conscious telling you to imagine a bigger version of you. Enjoy your money in…
  • 300 donuts = $19.99. i just CAN'T do it - especially for a decoration that doesn't do anything really. In a month I just know i'm not even going to look twice at the dumb whale let alone tap it. I'd just glare at it, demanding it do more and resenting the whale for not living up to my $20 expectations. Then i'd likely grow…
  • i agree the Barney skin is one of the most lame... but I was speaking on the donut value of the skins. Any characterr skin seems to go for 100+ donuts. Mr. Plow is one of the best skins in the game, though. so for the players who didn't have him, he was a major prize. Plow King is my second least favorite skin after…
  • You know what is good about this sucky wheel? It actually sucks so bad that i don't care. The Christmas wheel had great prizes that i actually wanted. so when you spin and didn't get them it was a big letdown. this wheel, EVERYTHING sucks. So it isn't disappointing at all when you spin it!
  • maybe if we all complain enough, for the next event, EA will bring back the wheel with nothing but large hedges and brown fences... the same crap i get in every mystery box for the last two years (yessss another complaint within a complaint). seriously we need to step-up our wheel complaint threads. i went a few pages back…
  • I've thought from the beginning that it is stupid that Lard Lad didn't give out donuts. if it ever happened, i bet EA would make the payout slow enough that the average user would spend more donuts on it than it would pay out, banking on the probability that people will lose interest in the game before it turns a donut…
  • yeah, i forgot about the black hole. i have that too. never spent the donuts on the racer. i'm more of a freemium gamer. to date i bought exactly 1 golden scratcher... and won 100 donuts from it. probably not going to get that kind of odds again. definitely the black hole and its building and the racer are ultimate…
  • i hope they DO NOT bring back the Mayan God. The players who have been playing since the beginning need to have SOME bragging rights, don't we? And i think that is the oldest, unique item that can't be purchased (correct me if i'm wrong).
  • Yay wheel... but maybe they can give us nothing for all the leftover spin tokens and leave a bad taste in our mouth
  • You know, the wheel is frustrating as he!! sometimes, but... I'm really glad all those items weren't premium donut items. EA basically gave away 180 donuts worth of snowmen, 200+ donuts worth of skins, Clause Co which probably would have been over 100 donuts, abominable (which is infinitely better than a 50-70 donut funzo…
  • i also miss the "Make Miss Springfield whack snakes" task. It was just about the only good animation she had. Work it and Open an Event are boooooring. I'm so glad they let barechested Willie keep the "Wrestle a snake" task. It is awesome. Maybe just as awesome as Moe walking around town with a shotgun.
  • I put Gymnastic Lisa's balance beam just right behind the Simpson's house so that it looks like she is balancing and jumping off the roof of the house.
  • My LEAST favorite skin is Respectable Moe. I think it only has one animation, which conflicts with Moe's spy on Midge - which I think is a hilarious task. So one animation and a worse one than a counterpart makes it a loser in my book. Goegeous Grampa is getting a lot of flak, but it has 3 decent animations - all of which…
  • i like all-American-Apu also - but only in comparison to how boring the regular character is. It only has 2 animations and "display patriotism" is so understated that you almost can't tell it is an animation. But compared to normal, boring Apu, it is an AWESOME skin
  • I actually love Gorgeous Grampa's flex in front of a mirror quest!
  • Devil Flanders is pretty awesome just for the sake of Show the wrath... the other tasks don't really have much by way of animations. But Definitely a fav. Did they re-offer that one this Halloween? i got it the first time around.
  • If you have a tile ready, I also have one ready. I'm a level 37 player and my tile is worth over 750xp each tap. Add snyder712
  • looking for more tile tap neighbors with a tile and who will tap mine. I'm a level 37 player and my tile is worth over 750xp/each tap (please tap 3x daily if you like). add - snyder712. thanks!
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