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  • Missing my Mount Carlmore. Placed it into inventory after getting more lands and it's missing. No where to be found. I've search from A to Z on EACH folder. Nope nothing. None of the EA team helped. All they did was redirected me to different links to click which resulting me to create more case no. blahhhhhh!!!
  • Blahhhh nothing works. I have reported cases after cases and no one seems to be helping. Always directed me to links which resulting to me to create another case. I just want my Mount Carlmore back. That's it. Simple as that.
  • Searched a gazillion times. Nope it is not in there. I am so sad now
  • Thank you everyone for all the valuable advises. A nice & friendly admin emailed me asking for some info which I had provided. I am now waiting for answers. To be honest, I'm just a regular daily player. I hardly come into this forum at all even when I had problem login in or get kicked out whenever there's a new update.…
  • Please! Help! Someone came into my town & messed up all my stuffs. Spent all my money on * that I dont need & used up all my donuts. It's really frustrating. The person who messed up my town also put all my characters into a 24 hours job. OH MY GOSH!!! Is there anyone who can help? I dont mind about my coins (10million +)…
  • Level 38 here, having the same problem as everyone else here. After upgrading to the Valentine's theme, it kept saying synchronizing and the msg that I get was "Cannot Connect to Server. Sorry about that. Maybe if you hit retry" I'm using my iphone to play this game, while my sister was using her ipod. Hers work fine with…
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