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  • Looking for high level daily players. Spitomd
  • Add me! I'm at level 49! Play everyday! Looking forward to making new friends! ONLY daily players and Level 47 and up....please. Thank you. I will visit your town every 24 hours. Spitomd
  • Add me. Trying to get stonecutter done. Level 42 with stonecutters. Spitomd
  • Same here. Lag! And crashes when visiting neighbors. Fix it! Enough is enough! The family guy game has NO lag! What are you doing EA!?
  • I would have over 2,000 friend points but my friends/ strangers click on 2 things so I don't get the frind points! I'm removing each person who is doing that! It complete bull *!! I didn't have as many problems a year ago? You can't trust who you add as friends anymore! It's a freaking shame!
  • Looking for new friends, level 38 or 37. I play everyday and will visit your SF. Add me spitomd Thanks.
  • ****! I'm reading what some cats are spending on donuts! That is really stupid! $1000 on a f ing game! Been play for a year and a half...spent around $20? EA is asking waaaayyyyy to much for that premium stuff. I grew up with the Simpsons! I was 16 when it first aired. I would never give that much money to EA. That's me…
  • Lol....so I'm not the only one seeing SF in f up disarray! I care for my SF. Put some love into that *! Jesus!
  • These players are spending money or using a cheat? Some people have everything you can buy with donuts. I mean everything! It's nucking futs! Hundreds of $$$ or a simple hack?
  • Friend points? Ok? Add me if you like. Spitomd. Higher level players please. Dailey players only. Thank you. Tap on! Spitomd
  • I installed the origin program, and it's cool but really stupid EA removed that feature! I hope with another update it will come back? But I see how you would have to have your ipad, iPhone or iPod with you. It's just another thing I don't want on my computer! Thanks for all the posts! Really helped me out. I will be…
  • Lol....thank you darth! That is great news! But it does sound like a pain in the *! I just hope EA goes back to the old way?! Thanks again buddy!
  • How do I remove friends now? How do I check to see if my new friend keeps playing? I add someone who is level 10 and I'm level 37....I don't want that friend in my town! * update sucks!
  • Thanks for the response. F U to the grammar ****! Get a life dude! * kills brain something......I'm suffering from it. Have a Mary chrismas......how's my grammar? Better?
  • right after a finish my joint....you people with grammar! Get a life! Think I give a *! Nope! Edit that tree boy!
  • Add me if you like. I'm a daily player, been playing for over a year now, level 37 Screen name is Spitomd Is about time! Xmas update!
  • Ahhh......thank you! Now I understand. Thanks again!
  • Glad I didn't update....like the Homer splash screen better! Krustyland all in my face. Why did EA do this? What was the reason for this stupid update? So I can have it look like Androids! Get rid of it! Let the people on IOS have the old screen back! I'll just wait till October to update. Hopefully that stupid screen will…
  • Sorry....I just hate android and google! Please fix! I'm losing money and tickets!
  • Should of kept Android out of the picture! Don't even make apps for Android tablets. Crap!! Wonder if it has anything to do with IOS7 ?? Anyone using malware infested Android having issues? If so? Delete the game from that blank os!

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