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  • Very helpful. So how do I get the cool tiered effect I see in other people's towns?
  • Actually, my complaint is that the game doesn't involve enough gambling. If I had a lottery ticket's chance at winning Sherri Bobbins I would say all was above board. I'm upset that they put her up as a prize only to find out I, and every other freemium player out there, have a zero percent chance of winning her. Zero…
  • Of course I put all my eggs in one basket; doh, I don't have any baskets. Well then where the sun don't. . . er, family friendly game. I give up, the question is just WAY too open ended.
  • I don't believe people are out of line for complaining when the game fails to perform as it is designed to do. This is the exactly the right place to complain as EA customer service directs people, myself included, here rather than fixing their problems. I do believe that being told Easter prizes are available to all…
  • A 2nd gate might have been nice. I just spent 1000 pink eggs to get 500 blue eggs to get the 300 gold eggs that I combined with my other 200 gold eggs to get a gold box which I opened to reveal 250 pink eggs. Sure wish it had been a lovely gate instead.
  • I'm not sure I entirely agree. When I downloaded this game I understood that premium items were not part of the free game and that I would be unable to access premium items without spending money. I believe that the value of the entertainment provided by the free game is a fair exchange for the accesses granted on my phone…
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