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  • I’m gonna have to use Donuts for the first time ever during an event today. So unnecessary. So much hard slog and I’m not gonna get it done normally for the first time. The game shouldn’t be a hard slog, EA! It should be fun!
  • The Christmas event with the elf cannon & the gifts littered all over town was the best think they did. Now everything seems boring & generic. I don’t even read the speech bubbles anymore.
  • Gone are the great days of the elf cannon and colourful presents fallingfrom the sky. A better time. This feels like a Brexit event. Or weak snow in the middle of February.
  • It’s freezing when I find the treasure, and it’s getting on my t*ts.
  • So yesterday, I log in and my gnome level went back to 1 from 12. Tried everything suggested & EA keep ignoring my request for help. I wouldn't care because the Pagan event is rubbish, but I'm a completist. A 🎃🎃🎃🎃 completist.
  • Remember that Christmas event a few years back with all those colourful presents bouncing up & down? That was awesome. Nobody is gonna say "remember that lumber mill last Christmas? That was amazing!"
  • When I think 'Christmas', I don't think Elf, Home Alone, Santa Clause, and presents, I think Lumber Mill.
  • Just like everything else about 2016. Big letdown. I have my elf cannon to remember better Christmas events
  • I send my characters on 12 hour tasks twice a day, so now pushing towards 100 characters, I'm now having to scroll down to 12-hours for almost every single one of them because event tasks take priority. It's laborious doing that at the best of times…
  • All I've been getting the last few weeks are minnow ponds, nuclear bunkers and the car. Rubbish.
  • I crafted the Cactus Patch about 6 hours ago. Then they cut the cost in half. That's frustrating!
  • After complaining that there was a lack of DNA in an earlier thread, the only thing I now have left to craft is the Homer Decoy. I have 4 and a half days to do it. Will I do it? It give it a hell of a go. I nearly gave up on the whole thing a few d…
  • I need 4000 DNA to get the Gas and Grub. I was away for an hour and had 7 clones which were all fertilizer. Is it just bad luck, or do EA want me to throw my phone against the wall?
  • Doing my head in that they keep making it harder, then they add the Burns money tasks, then level 52. Struggling to keep up/care about the Bob event as it is when the last few weeks have already been such a slog
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