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  • Lol. I thought the same thing
  • Thank you ----hankscorpio23 & petergeenen for the picture posts Thanks all for the input Lmao. I didnt really pay any attention to its current location I agree the first step is a doozie and it is very close to the church. Whoops. I was thinking some kegs may help,and perhaps fencing. I'm going to keep working on it !!!
  • These pics are amazing !!!!!!! All of you are very creative .... I have just started to create "Lovers Lane" for my town,and I hope it turns out half as good Thank you all for sharing !!!!
  • Lisarv68--- You said it perfectly . You receive hearts every third to fiveth tap when visiting , and 3 hearts when a friend visits you ! I have started an axe list also. 53 friends and so far I have 30 that are safe. 15 that are on the border , and the rest haven't updated yet :( I'm giving them a week then good bye.
  • ML33---I agree with you on waiting before I drop the axe !!! I also have noticed about 50% of my 53 friends still haven't updated,so I will be waiting a week or two. I also noticed some towns only have 1 valentine available. I assume it takes a while after updating ,for the update to fully go into effect I have two towns…
  • When ::: A) you are more worried about cashing out your towns,then getting to the job on time B) when you get locked out of your town after an update and decide that you don't want to miss any holiday fun,so you start a second town. Then maintain two Springfields C) when your ipad needs to be charged every night
  • dcline414 : I agree .. 50 posts is one however I believe 90 days may also be another way for the upgrade .... scr33ch08 just received a promo,,they have 31 posts but joined 10/28/2012... I will just have to stop watching the clock and participate more here in class!!!!!!
  • With great sorrow I see my inbox is empty,and no avatar :( :( :( Oh well. I'll just keep plugging along and perhaps one day I will get promoted. The only saving grace is that almost everyone here is willing to help with suggestions,pic uploads ,etc... Thanks to all that help us newbies!!!
  • I too am a slow tapper. I found that being an L20 and still doing L15 tasks was insane. I inventoried my house farm ,slowed down ,and patiently ground through the tasks. Now just before this update I have a nice bankroll , plenty of space to rearrange if necessary , and I feel , a nicer town !! "Patience Grasshopper "
  • I ended up with 3 of each. KB,QM and G&B. This finally got me my 5s rating. It was tough to work them all into my town but it can be tastefully done. Lol. I put 2 G&B's together to look like a much larger building. I'm just not sure how it will look without snow. I may have to do some replanning.
  • I had stopped collecting coins after new years. But with the coin/doughnut/reindeer giveaway,,,, I couldn't refuse !! Now that I have 8 reindeer pulling the target car,SVT,and the canon for my KL studios I'm a happy man. No more grinding. WooHoo !! Down comes the tree and off go the lights,,,,,,,,,it's graffiti time…
  • I am also patiently waiting the L2 gods for an upgrade. Unfortunately I don't post too much. I expend sooooo much time reading and laughing at other posts. Then it's back to my towns for collecting. I'm going to have to stop reading as much , and start participating in class more. Can't stop tapping !!
  • i also had been stuck between 4~~4.5 stars i didnt want to add more KB,G&B,orQM,but finaly gave in 3 of each and now im a 5star also the krusty burgers were the hadest to place"the huge kb sign" lol i placed two g&b together so it looks like one big store i just wish i could get a level2 acct. so i can post pics of these…
  • Well. As sad as it is to say. I guess I'm the winner so far !!! 45. Male Lmao. I'm the oldest kid on the block. Woohoo
  • PchorsedocMy advice is purchase from another device while logged into your town if possible... It oddly worked to cure my doughnut needs
  • Ok. Well I haven heard from EA in about two weeks. " holidays I assume " So I decided to experiment with this issue a little 1st after seeing 2 updates I was hoping all was good Decided to enter my new password ( desperate times call for desperate measures ) Slam---- locked out at the ea/Gracie screen After several…
  • I also am a victim of the update since 12/05 http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9167703.page Tried purchasing doughnuts/ game crashes I haven't erased my iPad however after several delete/reinstall cycles I can at least play on iPad. But......no doughnuts & the only way I can access from iPad is to hit cancel to bypass…
  • Always glad to help and make a new friend along the way !! I have some premiums. Planning on more today. Request sent. ----Simpson00001---- Nice job on the walk through. I also was locked out of my first town. I ended up creating a spare town. Now it's an issue with a doughnut purchase. So I feel your pain Good luck…
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