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  • I think you can eat your words now...
  • I would say notorious rather than best..
  • How does the update being suspended, have any impact on the ability for someone else to sell off another person's premium content? If they do the update, the selling off would still happen and if they don't it still would. This impending update is not exactly going to be that hard on the developers as all the hard work is…
  • Wouldn't it be cool if they had some sort of cluedo inspired level update where we had to guess who murdered a character or attempted to murder one (mr. burns), by looking at clues hidden in our towns, and talking to characters via visiting there homes which we would unlock as we went through the process (eg. smithers…
  • Apologise didn't notice the other poll :S
  • Please stop with you incessant whining! I like this update generally on the whole, so can you stop speaking for me please? Personally I love the Springfield Mall and Costington's, plus in terms of characters, the Yes Guy will be a brilliant edition when he arrives. I like the King Homer building so it wasn't no one thank…
  • Stugg93 Steiffanie
  • I'll say someone who hasn't been mentioned yet, Willie. Other great characters include Mr. Burns, Ralph Wiggum, Selma and Patty and Waylon Smithers
  • i don`t disagree with you but if he was retired in the show then i would have to say he is retired in the Simpsons universe no matter what the media. Hey maybe i am wrong and they surprise me with one of those characters being released.[/quote] They had them post Hartman death in action figures and comic books so not…
  • Seeing as I was born in Southampton (where the shipped sailed from) and live in Plymouth (where the ship docked for repairs and took on more passengers) I had to get this without any question.
  • I'd like to see Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure at some point :) I know Phil Hartman died tragically 15 years ago but I think it would be nice for his hilarious characters to be remembered in our towns much as Edna Krabappel is for Marcia Wallace.
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