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  • One of the things - perhaps even THE thing that keeps users playing this game over the long haul - is the ability to do whatever you want with the game systems as long as the game itself allows you to do that. Donut farming has, undoubtedly, kept many of the long-term players aboard simply because it allowed users to…
  • 4Junk said: (I love fabricating history for my town's development.) I share that emotion. I moved every old style building, fixture, animal and ornament I had in Springfield over to the "new" land north of Springfield Heights to create "Old Springfield". Now I have a western landscape folks can tour either on foot or via…
  • Spritals.....howdy! I thought you were on my friends list also. I'll make sure and click you thru. And for those who don't know Spritals, this user's TSTO has some of the most innovative and creative 3D structures of anyone in the game.
  • Nice to have you as a TSTO bud..........and you have some nifty 3D type buildings in your town. Good work!
  • Nicely done, 4Junk. I spent a few minutes one day producing a recorded monologue of my main line - almost a ten minute run including station stops. The monologue ended up being longer than the monorail due to all the areas the main line runs thru, so I scrapped the idea as too cumbersome. And now, with the huge addition to…
  • Ahhh, my second car dealership...........
  • I don't know how old your are, OP, but this game is still fun and a bit of a challenge for me and I'm 75. The events are way less involved than they used to be, which for some players is a good thing. I personally enjoy building the monorail and extending it with new land, etc. and you will have the benefit of all the land…
  • I tried something that may or may not be worthwhile. (Later) My efforts have gone unrewarded, so I bit the bullet and used donuts to finish that part of the task. Remains to be seen if that works out. Maybe EA will get a fix mounted.
  • I'm still adding to my monorail. One continuous loop runs almost 10 minutes (including station stops) and others run 6 to 7 minutes. And I still have 6000 rail sections in storage, even after building a big new loop in the "new" land in Springfield Heights. Yeah, I could use another station for sure.............
  • The prize is nothing to write home about. Takes up space, does nothing. And it requires the main characters that the current event needs.
  • If you put all of the train parts in storage, the character is stored as well. I had that problem. She finally appeared after I put all five pieces into Springfield.
  • I have about 30+ characters in storage. No need for them unless they show up in an event. If they have a building attached, it's no big loss. Having a save game option would mean a tripling of EA's storage requirements, I should think. Not worth it if that slows the game down.
  • Yes, this is an old problem with ONE solution. Realign your existing monorail to fit the tunnels. It's worth it in the long run. I had almost 5000 rail sections I had to move but it only took about 2 hours to do the whole thing. Go for it. You have no choice. There is no pending fix. Good luck!
  • I did not have much luck with big donut payoffs before I got to the last five row and the first six row. I hit 3 100 payoffs in those 2 rows and yes, I bought the pickaxe when it first became available. Thus, I think it's worthwhile even if I never see another 100 return. Like most of you, I get 3 or 9 or 12 most of the…
  • Badges are in your profile area.......just click on your player name.
  • Yes, buy it! That's one of the best, long-term investments the game has to offer. Plus, it keeps your main characters busy during the lulls between events. I keep all of the recycling buildings close to each other so it's easy to remember to send folks to work.
  • Haven't seen them in a while....sorry.
  • Yep....my whole SOW (Springfield Old West) is all dirt roads and western/farm buildings. And I haven't even moved my original old west over to the new land as yet but that's coming. I may even move Cletus' farm there too. Oh, and my Heights monorail is now a full ten minutes long and growing. I had to sell 140 stop signs…

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