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  • @kylemellev801 I sure as hell hope you're not talking to me like that. Wow. No wonder so many people don't participate in this group anymore. You didn't understand me at all, and you're putting words in my mouth too. I SAID idk why they do what they do. I ALSO believe the farmers are a tiny fraction of tappers. No one said…
  • Uh, the good reason was to get your money, which is what the whale did when it was first released. Farming was not sold to us. We, the players figured it out. We put the pieces together. EA did not create farming as a strategy. And they didn't stop it, like so many other exploits we discovered. Why? Who knows. We could…
  • They JUST removed the hyphen from "clean-up", didn't you see the change report? They get to things eventually. But obviously the to-do list is pretty long.
  • You've heard of nuclear winter? YOU know what to do....
  • It's 68f/20c here right now. By the end of the week it will drop below freezing. So Springfield appears to be suffering the same erratic weather patterns as the rest of the country.
  • I agree completely. I did not farm at first, and I expected it to be shut down. But once it seemed they were ignoring out behavior, Ive been on board since. And so yes, im guilty of not shelling out any more cash since that point. I suspect many of us are in same boat. Idk why EA allows anything. We just go day by day and…
  • In-game quotes that mock our behavior of farming bloodmobiles is only an indication they TOLERATE our farming, not that they condone it. It's entirely possible that farming is something they dont care for, but the game may have already exceeded revenue goals, or may have already been slated for end of life wind down.…
  • I made it sound like cheating? Uh sorry no, thats your guilty conscience. Nothing I said suggested illegal behavior. Dont put words in my mouth, thanks. Strategy "sold to you" ? That statement is wholly disingenuous. They did not sell it to us at all. In fact they regularly mocked us for using it. They just didnt prevent…
  • This game has likely been understaffed because no one spends money on it anymore. Everyone figured out how to farm donuts and so it's our own fault. We don't spend money so they don't spend time. I have no proof of this but it sure appears that way from this angle.
  • Next big event will likely be Valentine's Day. There may be a mini event in between but i wouldn't expect it greatly. How often has there been one between Xmas and V Day in the past?
  • I've figured out that nothing is showing up to collect except in my OSF, but taps to cause graffiti on neighbors still work.
  • You can't tell how close you are to the limit because they give you warnings repeatedly but don't tell you how far till you hit it. I know only from reports here or hitting it myself. But I'm scaling back all tree and forest density as well. I want all my buildings out and i can't already. No room for the manholes we…
  • This comment must have been made by a person not slammed against the upper limit of items to be placed. I remember wanting phone poles and other realistic minutiae; but when i first hit the item cap, streetlights were the first thing sacrificed. So this wish, for misc. town building items, seems to be in direct conflict…
  • The problem i see with Brexit, based on the info i see from this side of the Atlantic, is that the system has flaws, so you're abandoning the system rather than addressing the flaws, thus discarding all benefits of the union. It's much like scrapping the bus because the driver is drunk, rather than just hiring a better…
  • I wouldnt call it a picture I'm painting; more like one im staring at in shock, which is being painted by the public at large. I don't want the world to go in the direction it's clearly heading. The "post" apocalyptic part should be very nice for the privileged, with the drones delivering their food by air from Amazon. Its…
  • The portrayal im seeing is that democracy is being attacked in free nations around the globe. The UK, like the US, as well as France, Poland, Canada, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, and plenty more, have all had their govts infiltrated by corrupt thugs. So democratic elections are being rigged, personal liberties are being…
  • Are you saying you can choose whioch facade is shown? Ive left mine at level 8 forever because I didnt want it to change to the fancier facade. Is that selectable at level 9?
  • I want two. Because then i'd level one up to the max and have both versions. Today when I opened my game, the expanded collection range was glitched and not working as it should. I wonder if there is a way to exploit this and get two now.
  • If you play enough to burn the screen, then just stick to "business as usual" and you'll never notice! 😄

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