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  • Mine is locked now, too Lucky me, that I have already crafted some of them
  • Exactly, it is silly to have all of them named Emu Experience, if you want to show other animals
  • When I first saw the parade stations appear in the game, my first thought have been "Wow great". But now I am not happy with them. Because of 2 stations I expected the parade to go up and down between both stations only and not going everywhere in town changing directions randomly. Which parade is doing such thing in…
  • I have had this problem, too. After many tries I found out that if you place the log ride entry horizontal the log ride entry needs to be outside of your circle otherwise the animytion will not start although all tiles are connected correctly.
  • You need to craft the missing track tiles. At minimum you need Injury 500, 4 corners and 1long track or 2 small tracks in order to get it animated.
  • As LP stated foam knives are act 1 event currency and used on the prize track. They are summing up until act 2 starts, when they expire. The foam knives are only good for the prizes and if you are fast for some bonut rounds after you have got the last prize. Looking at the crafting currency (I&S Money) you can save it for…
  • I fully agree, it makes no sense to have a parking lot inside an amusement park, but it looks like that you have to until you have reached the max bonus for the act. If you have reached that, you can put the parking lot outside the park, where it belongs to. I believe max bonus for act 1 is 20, for act 2 is 50 and for act…
  • Yes, there is something wrong for her Krustyland tasks. Task "Greet Park Goers" is locked, although Krustyland entrance is placed. And I have 2x her 1h task "Play acoustic guitar" giving Krustyland tickets instead one of them giving ingame money.
  • You should have gotten 4 corner pieces. If you miss one I bet it is somewhere in your inventory. For crafting press the new Itchy & Cratchie gate and choose the 2nd option
  • Are you logged in into the game? You have to logged in, otherwise you will get to the game which is locally stored on your device and that is mostlikely a level 1springfield.
  • With the group storage function rebuilding KL in SF was easy for me. I have made 4 storage groups with ~100 items and calculated the land size I needed in SF. I bought the required land using the new tokens and placed my 4 groups in SF. Everything went smooth and it took only ~10 minutes to do so.
  • Looks like you are playing the game locally stored on your device. You need to login in order to play your level 130 town
  • Have you tried to close the app store or restart of your mobile/tablet? Sometimes this will help
  • Unfortunately this is not easy and takes a lot of time. You need to take screenshots from your town on your mobile or tablet. Be sure that your picture are overlapping and have the same zoom on your town. Then you need to transfer the pictures to your PC or Mac. Here you can use a picture programm (I am using the free tool…
  • Finally. After stitching hundreds of screenshots together I have now a complete view of my Springfield town.
  • Doing 360 will sure increase game size, as this will need more pictures. I am not sure about nightmode. They might can change color values globally, to darken the city. But this depends on how they coded the game
  • I think that there are 2 mayor complains in this area, EA needs to manage. 1. Land availability 3. Decoration item limit Unfortunately both points are impacting each other. With more land player will run into the item limit soon and will start to complain about that. Having this in mind I think the land token idea is not…
  • I think it is very difficult to help friends or get help from friends during this event. Even after I have received a phone message, that someone has send crooks to my town it is very hard to find this crook. Most of the time they are hiding behind buildings and you are only able to find them if you greay out the items. To…
  • I have been asking for the Homer conducter costume because you will get it from the questline, before you are able to get the railyard. I remember that I have had a problem to get the Homer conducter costume. I only got the costume after a log in and a log out of my user ID on all different devices (phone and tablet) I…
  • In general you can move them out of the blue area anytime. You just have to verify in which blue area you will have the most revenue.
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