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  • Live on Android!
  • No with small number this effect happens without crashing. It just seems to miscalculate the number of boxes.
  • So basically you have the choice of missing a few boxes every time by buying few RTT only or potentially losing many boxes due to a Bart screen when buying too many at a time (happened today when buying 70 RTT). I think I will put my personal compromise at buying 33 RTT at a time ($5m cash)
  • Thanks. That makes more sense. Your progress inspired me to start going towards 2000 again. Am at 1050% now and was getting a bit bored now, so started buying premium decorations I didn't have yet. However if 2000 can be achieved in a couple months, even when buying limited time items I will race upwards a bit more with…
  • Congrats! That seems a bit off though, it would mean you had a bonut box every 2 KEMs? Seems a bit high even for 2000 percent.
  • Doesn't seem to be massive to me. Still worse ratio than the last KEM. Or am I missing something?
  • I also usually got 8 extra boxes daily from the chili pot, sky fighter and both race courses. I have to say it was very tedious and a bit stressing getting the timing correctly in place (and occasionally the sky fighter would actually cost me boxes). Since I missed the second PM thread I am not sure if I was missing…
  • Also no points for me, I did not put him in inventory. Did anyone solve this?
  • I do have the task in questlines. There is no "Do it" anymore since Santa's Village is not for sale...
  • I also got Santa Homer without ever buying Santa's village. He just showed up a couple of weeks ago. It is annoying though because he came with a task which needs the village, so I have no way of clearing the task without buying the village for donuts which I don't want (and if don't buy it soon it might be stuck forever).…
  • Also did not get elves (and probably presents, not 100% sure) for tunnel 8 or 9. I am still stuck at 12 elves but should have 14. I also notice the pop up for completing the tunnel did not come up and I only got the holiday wheel after going to a friends Springfield and back. :(
  • Same here - did not get my elf for tunnel 8 or 9 :(. And I think I did not get the presents for them either, although I finished way in time.
  • Could be. To be honest, I don't remember how the town looked like yesterday exactly. But it didn't stand out to me in any way.
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