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  • Hey gozerfreak..... Halloween is my donut spend-fest too!!!!! Gotta get everything every halloween!!! :-)
  • I have been playing all day....but i literally just left here to go in to my town to try KEM farming and now cant log in!!!! Divine intervention?? :-)
  • A couple of things... I get 4 battles every 4 hours.... 3 from the alley and one from the criminally insane place (cant remember the exact name at the minute). Also, to the OP you should try Family Guy the quest for stuff... i have yet to play an event that can be anywhere near finished by playing freemium!!!! Some quests…
  • I read the OP and came here to say what others have said....the felons are not killed, just tired out and they recover for next battle.... just like pokemon do !!! But.... then i started thinking.... and i do get the OP i really do!!! After all, in pokemon, you catch "animals" from the "wild" by fighting against them until…
  • I am a completionist.... but i dont have everything! A completionist is a bit like a collector and if your hobby is collecting, what happens when your collection is complete??? I read some books when i was a kid by an author who i decided to collect once i hit adulthood. I did a bit of research and decided to try to…
  • Good advice. I think Barney in the bowling alley was still one of my best value for donut purchases! We didn't even mention xp multiplier building either.... 200 donuts can boost your xp multiplier a lot.....an investment for the future ;-)
  • Great thread ??? camp gay man shouldn't be scout leader because camp gay man equals predatory * soon got stamped on ?? It's good to be back... think I will hang around for a while again. Just get back to my cross stitch now ? Ooohhh... got censored.... can't say that word then.
  • Add the five times xp multiplier and i can do a 500k level (I.e any above 60) for just $150k with my 560% multiplier, not as good as the blood again but an easy quick way to generate xp instead of tasking and waiting!!
  • I hate SH......actually being forced to craft items to build and upgrade buildings you have to farm in order to get to a billion....the buildings are mainly too big and I hate them. I have nearly all stored. The extra land would be nice, there will be plenty of material for a large superhero section after the event!!! I…
  • I have been limiting characters to 4h tasks for the last 2 days just in case :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  • I would like more land in SH so I can move my casino area and then expand my prairie area :)
  • Its a while since I posted this..... when I used to play Zoo tycoon, some of the maps were either small or strange shaped. Some of the scenarios deliberately required you to raise visitor happiness or display large numbers of animals either in a small space or with very little money. Surely this is the challenge....to work…
  • I went slightly off piste and had my magnifying glass focussed on the turkey on the feasting table!!! It looked quite cool...or hot I suppose...;-)
  • Theslayer369 has disappeared from both of my towns..... and this id has disappeared from my other towns friend list!!! Go figure...I unfriended myself :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Now I have self loathing schizophrenia to add to all my other problems!
  • Holy Flurking Shmitt!!!! I had 86 neighbours in my main town. As I said, I have not been very active recently so some may have parted company, but I have just counted 72.....and 2 of those are new neighbours from today!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot remember the names of any of them so will just have to continue and hope they read…
  • I had better go and check..... I thought the lack of visitors to my main town was due to my inactivity recently....
  • I have never had anything other than debris! But then again, rockets are known to associate with junk....... :twisted:
  • Just raised it with some judicious donut spending today...now sitting at around 351%. Hi Slayer, I am starting to play more regularly again now....thanks for sticking with me! As you will see, Fry from Futurama has popped back in to my town to say Hi! ;-) :twisted: :twisted:
  • My main problem with my second town (recently restarted and now at level 56) was that with all the levels available you never have time to sit back and make money...or so it seems!!! Fact is that to progress steadily you need to make the decision occasionally that you are going to close the taskbook, and concentrate on…

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