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  • I've had people who said they were updated and when I added them as friends and attempted to get into their cities, it wouldn't let me, so thanks for this list. Do you think you could add me and let me know if you're able to get into my Springfield? I'm TMBG75. Thanks again!
  • Me too. Almost all of the new people I've added who I thought were going to be updated weren't. Sigh. I need Valentine's updated friends!!
  • I had to delete some of my friends who just weren't updating for Valentine's, so would any of you folks who have updated like to add me? -I'm level 25 -Have some premium items -Play daily and visit friends too Thank you!!
  • I almost had a coronary when I saw my coin count was down to zero, but then I exited the game and reentered and they were all there. Another oddball thing is the Gulp 'n Blow was upside down and sideways in place of one of my houses. And yes, you do need to be careful when collecting from your houses. A few times I've…
  • I will get in, be able to do some things and then get booted out again, while having to look at Bart's smug face while he holds the plug (Bart is not a favorite character of mine). I'm sure the fact that I have bought a lot of land isn't helping to make my gameplay smoother, but what good is it if you can't expand and…
  • I have a real OCD issue with that trash and even though I buy the land because I have plans for it, I'm also buying it because I just want to clean it all up. I'm not fond of nuclear power in real life, so in my Springfield, the waste needs to go.
  • It's back here too, and I sent everyone on 12 hour tasks because I was paranoid it'd go down again. Nooo! I have to wait until the morning to do anything now. (I did get to start building Barney's, though. Can't wait for the hospital.)
  • I've been catching up watching my YouTube subscriptions, but this is awful! If I had a good video game to play at the moment, it would be alright, but I finished the last decent one I had for my PSP and the new one I have for my Vita is about as appealing as a plate of lima beans. Anyway, I have played Snoopy's SF for over…
  • Level 24 and I have a slew of decorated brown houses! TMBG75
  • Ah, thank you. I checked a few of the colored houses, but not all because I'm not sure if I've ever had a character enter one.
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