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  • Won't surprise me if O'Flanagans comes back out for * Paddys Got Nick Thanks all!
  • Good idea that! And if people want to spend the time, on the quests like "send 12 people to eat out" just send 11 then they can resend them along with the rest for extra gift cards. Though takes more time. And this is a long one already.
  • Add me or a friend of mine. Daily players. He's. Nathanzama216
  • No matter how fun the game, ^thats the important part. Lol. Had my girls shopped for a month ago. But still need a few things for baby. My extra money goes to the stockpile of diapers. :D
  • Starter building the EggNog Bar and waiting like lots of others. Happened to get a coin in a gift bag and the text aaaaaaaaand . . . The One thing I just missed last Christmas I wanted and was broke. Lol Woohoo!
  • Yes both. Not having an Uber duper multiplier, I don't have millions. Heck, I haven't saved enough for the Sunsphere yet lol. And I'm in the Xmas Corn crop bunch so I'll keep using all I can get
  • They do have their FB page but it's typically a little behind. Most have an update by the time they post. I can imagine EA is like most devs. It's hard to specify a date just to have bugs pop up that delay what they "promise". So we don't get confirmed dates. I'd rather have it pop up for me than get updated on a promised…
  • I wonder if there's a Christmas Casino in Santa Claus, Indiana. I know I know. OT but still. Ya gotta wonder
  • ^this. We had episode tie ins during last Christmas and other events. So they are independent of each other and could quite possibly start closely. So yeah, maybe today.
  • That would be a Heck no. I have neither, but don't really want them either. I would love having Duffman but it's gonna be awhile before I got the dough-nuts to get him. Especially with Christmas round the corner and so many other things and characters to nab. The sign plain annoys me and isn't worth the space. I wonder…
  • Aren't you supposedly employed in the lawyer profession?? If so, ipso facto, herewith, foreto, etc, isn't lying part of your job? Case closed your pot-stirrer-ness.
  • I haven't done near as well as some here or many of my neighbors but I did get 10k goo just before I took the last few days off from everything. Didn't have one day off in October. So just first bonus this morning Yet with just that I think I've gotten around 30-35 free donuts from Halloween. Enough to get me Witch Marge.…
  • One day that'd be awesome. Til then the most horsepower I've had under my foot is this guy. The jump seat on the back makes for an interesting ride too. :)
  • That woulda been awesome. "Come here Dopey. Let me give you a ki--- Braaaaaaaiiiiins!" My girls keep telling me I should go as Mario. One I'm not Italian. Two my only suspenders are on my fire gear. Three, I look more Silent Bob than Mario. Lol OP. Friend of mine spent a bit more than $1200 to make a. Clone Trooper outfit…
  • Just a heads up. Maybe just North American market, I hope not, but I read on bfads dot net that Target is set to sell a bunch of PS4 games buy 2 get 1 free starting Nov 10th. I'm not getting one but I think half the guys I know are. My fire stations single guys are already discussing a station tournament for games none of…
  • Thanks as always for doing the heavy digging spAnser. I was thinking of how to spend my newly found donuts that made it easier Wish we'd get the fire station though some update :)
  • I like this thread :) Parking lot Newspaper Newspaper White fence 30 donuts! Only got them one other time. Was 10 and mooooonths ago And next one is Thursday. Here's to being hopeful!
  • Hey, welcome! I think I remember my first post. Maybe :D If your into getting everything and going to buy donuts, go ahead. I'm a free player and not going to buy donuts and find the monster useless n ugly. Just my opinion. For 30 donuts you can buy Squeaky Voice Teen who's premium with a bunch of good tasks. Much better…
  • Spinal taaaaaaaap! :) I'd so buy them
  • If the great EA gods of the ether deign to give us a boon on All Hallows' Eve, we shall be enraptured with glee. If not, eh. There's Christmas.

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