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  • Forget about the iPhone, EA desperately needs to update the engine on Android where most of their players are.
  • Optimistically, that's what they are up to. The performance of the game with a large town is so bad on my devices that I'm about to give up on it for that reason alone. Adding more content and land will only make it worse. They probably don't have the resources to do optimizations and run major events at the same time, so…
  • I remember the two things that really got me to where I am now is when they let us craft multiplier items for free a few years ago. The first was the Tennis Courts for Springfield Heights currency, and the second was the Halloween they let us craft Wailing Walls. That's what took my multiplier from about 100% to about…
  • I did the grind for a long time, both because of the donuts and because I wanted the tracks. Eventually I stopped because I had plenty of track and 5 donuts wasn't worth the grind. Earlier this year I actually ran out of tracks so for a couple of weeks in one of the lulls between events I grinded out a bunch more track.…
  • I'd also like the option to send everyone on some of the less common task durations, like 2 hour, 6 hour, 16 hour, etc. Probably never going to happen.
  • Keep in mind there are multiple versions of the Tab A. I have the 8" version which besides the smaller screen is also less powerful and has less memory than the 10.1" version. While the game is still playable, it's pretty laggy with a high level town to the point where I wouldn't recommend it. The 10.1" version I have no…
  • I have a Tab A and a large town and the game is still playable but quite laggy. You will want to disable all animations you can (such as the rides in Itchy and Scratchy land) otherwise the game will be too laggy to be playable. My advice would be look at other devices. With that said, I have the 8" version. My…
  • Don't forget fixing Casino Nessie so that she's no longer stuck on dirt roads. I mean... it's only been what... two years?
  • I had the same problem, but my game unfroze after leaving it sit a for a few minutes and finally let me place the museum. So you can try letting it sit and see what happens.
  • Scratch that - I put my tablet down with the game "frozen", and a couple minutes later it had unfrozen itself. So maybe try waiting a few minutes.
  • Mine freezes too at the same spot, both on my phone and my tablet.
  • If you are still working through the regular levels, just be patient. Buying all the level buildings will keep you poor for a while, but once you get past that you'll eventually have plenty of cash to spend on things.
  • The other odd thing about it is buying the new land was one of the few uses for all the cash that otherwise just keeps piling up. Since it seems that they've been struggling with finding new things for people to burn cash on, I'm kind of surprised they took buying new land for cash out of the game.
  • I don't remember much moaning over the Friend Points thing... Krustyland is the saddest. I mean, it really would take almost no effort on EA's part to let us use many of the new decorations over in Krustyland.
  • I thought it would be funny to put the Water Burns Mansion on top of some ice tiles. Alas, it's not to be.... :/
  • My extras are still in inventory. As tapebelt said, you need to scroll the root level of the inventory. Selecting any category such as Buildings or Decorations it will not show up.
  • I thought "That kind of look neat" and bought it, and immediately went "D'oh!!!". Oh well, it's not like I don't have plenty of donuts. :p
  • I'm guessing the rarest item I have is the NPC Turkey that could be won the Thanksgiving 2013 event, which to the best of my knowledge has not been offered since. The rarest items would probably be premium, limited time content from the early days, assuming there is premium content from back then that has not come back at…
  • I actually really like some of the houses. The Old Simpson Farm, Bob's Victorian House, Bad Dreams House as someone else mentioned, and Cool Brown House. While not a house, the Ski Chalet and The Hungry Hun are great and also go well together, and honorable mention to the Retro Style Townhouse. As the colored houses go,…
  • Farm Kwik-E-Marts actually would be a 4 hour task. :D How about 1 Hour: Find item in inventory screen ?
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