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  • Apparently it's pretty rampant right now. Someone logged into mine and wrote their name (or somehow they live in Petra which, actually, would be pretty impressive). Happily it didn't look like they spent anything. My neighbor had someone write I IOU Mousese which I assume is their ID and not just atrocious spelling; At…
  • As with most things on here no good deed goes unpunished :wink: ...thanks for trying. I updated it with a different link but that's straight out the iPad app so no telling.
  • a little Sinatra tribute for those that have left ....to the good old days. And i know, know...without bbcode its useless. Maybe one day i'll get enough time online to get promoted until then everything is just text. ( oh and ignore the awful video...it's the only iPad compatible version out there)
  • Lol Get out the popcorn. This is getting good. An international soap opera. Will Nicole accept Peru's offer or will Peru be spurned? Will Cale's dinner date be Melody or Smithers? Will they let md actually sit at the same table? And was H1 really banned or was it actually his twin H2_speedbump? Tune in and find out On As…
  • Lol :D well played, sir. well played.
  • Thanks for the heads up adruralo. I completely missed that. I just logged in and it Looks like both of you are right. I just got Level 26 with a Ralph quest. Hopefully this update is on the level and I don't get locked out of the game.
  • This got me thinking, if Smithers is available see if the task to exercise for mr burns is available and try to do that....it might jump start burns for you
  • Or Homer left the drinking bird in charge again...
  • Just logged in no issues for me but I have Burns on task in the plant. Sounds like the only thing left is to Try rebooting your device or reinstall the app. Hope you get it back.
  • Ummmm Wing Wednesday? ....although workday from hell fits, but then again that's everyday.
  • Well rumor has it that Valentine update will end on the 28th. Which would be on par with all the past updates but we all know how rumors go. Having level 26 would be nice but I honestly could use a little more time. Not keeping a big friends list puts me on course to hopefully get sir putt-a-lot tomorrow. I can't imagine…
  • I thought for a second Zan was out derailing Roadblock on this one! Anywhooo....Happy Birthday Zan! I Do believe you may be the youngest Here so heed Phenom and Lak's advice. especially today with all the bday excitement. Most of all enjoy your Bday! side note/question for all the old timers: safe to say a lot of us have…
  • I debated on it one or twice until I accidentally hit it on a very short task, and all I could hear in my head was Homer screaming " Undo! Undo! Undo!... Whew." Pretty much cured me.
  • Overall I'd have to go with Nick as well, tho shauna teasing the ducks is kinda entertaining
  • Much appreciated! The both of you! and wait before anyone over thirty says it... I know what you're thinking, " wow! that guy sorta resembles a Simpsonized version of that guy from X-files... You know the one with the beard" Bruce Harwood. I get that a lot. it's just the beard and the blue eyes :mrgreen:
  • Posting images...another case where my extended absence from the forums has probably left me behind the eight ball a bit. Lets see if it works. Here goes...
  • I usually tune in for the THH episodes as well but even those seem to be hit or miss as of late. If it wasn't for TSTO probably wouldn't have caught this year. Tho the black hole segment was pretty funny. Maybe The nostalgia of the first few seasons have clouded my judgement a bit.
  • right-o ol egg. eggsquisite deduction. I sure am. gaaahhh i cant stop!
  • tho I do prefer to stay sunny-side up about the situation, In my eggsperience we have eggspel any notion of getting an update that is anything other than half baked. Ok,ok I'm done...and hopefully I didn't poach anyone else's line. It's getting late and I'm tired. Maybe I should get something to perk myself up…
  • Whelp, I've apparently tapped out the Battery on my IPad soo.. hasta luego mi amigos. Happy tapping!

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