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  • My baby town, level 22, is based off nesting boxes (think Russian doll). The Simpsons house is at the very center and I've made the roads larger and larger squares around it with buildings in between. I'm not sure how much I love it right now, but I definitely wanted to try it!
  • Same issue here - on Iphone. Has anyone tried deleting and reinstalling the game? Has it worked?
  • I'm a bit confused. It lists The Twin Moguls of Ned Flanders questline as right after the main questline - does that mean that I have to complete all of the main questline before I can get Stupid Sexy Flanders, or is that just how the page is organized? I don't want to wait! :lol:
  • Just got the hovercopter with 26 hours left. I've just gotta remember to be as on top of it tomorrow and gather as many bags as I can (then not open them)! :lol:
  • I made two extra accounts for holidays so I can control the taps. I've been collecting gremlins in all three towns, then the first feeder town dispenses ten gremlins to the main account. Go back to the main account, pop the gremlins, repeat with second feeder. Then I can drop gremlins in each and know they won't be tapped!…
  • 30 donuts - Yep! Mutant **** - Yep Donut Torture device - Yep Hugo - Yep Bulldozer-saurus - Yep Grand Pumpkin - 41 more candy bars, 10 more pumpkins Weapon level - 13 Unused missiles - I use 'em as I get 'em :)
  • On certain fan websites that give spoilers :lol:
  • I've got 1409 right now, but I honestly don't care for the phase 2 prizes. I'll probably try to get them both for the sake of completion but I'm more looking forward to the phase 3 prizes. I've gotten Hugo and am about 30 fences away from his house, then I'll start working on the Grand Pumpkin. I'm still having fun with…
  • Arnie not only gets annoying in your own town, but your neighbors can see him flying around too. Gets annoying if you're trying to visit :/
  • I have a holiday section right now that I rotate out, so it's going in my holiday section. After that, it might look good in front of Frink's lab, or maybe in front of Lard Lad? But honestly, it's not about the fact that it's hard to place.. it's such an iconic Simpsons moment that it has to go someplace! :D
  • Give them the donuts, EA! Chaaaaarge!
  • And also that we all hate the wheels. Lol!
  • Like the post above me, they're giving you a lot of free donuts - I've gotten 40 so far, with the UFO and the trivia question, maybe more than that with FP taps. They're also allowing you to "craft" items, so you can get things that would normally cost donuts (like Hugo).
  • Did you pay for 2 characters? Seriously, I'm freemium. I haven't looked. But if you pay for two you deserve two.
  • I give this event about a 90% enjoy rate. I've had fun logging in and squishing the aliens (that's super addicting!) and the ability to "craft" prizes means that someone who's freemium, like me, has a chance at things like Hugo, which we'd normally pay donuts for. I also like that they gated the prizes, so you have to wait…
  • If you didn't make an account and the game was just saved on your old phone, then CS can't do anything. While I'll agree that CS for this company is annoying - I had to figure out my own bug from three months ago, never getting a response back from them - it would be easier for people to fraud the company if they gave you…
  • How long does it take, from planning to QA to release, to produce an event? How far back do you have to draft ideas for Halloween for it to be ready in time? Do fan sites that post spoilers irritate you or help you (in that people get more excited for what's coming)?
  • Rant: Tapped Out does a good job, I think, of allowing 100% free players to get all the prizes. For some events, it's a community effort (or a timer ticking down, depending on how you see it). In others, you just need to add a few more log-ins a day to tap things or visit friends. There's only been one event I haven't…
  • I feel like Tapped Out does a good job enabling 100% free players to get event prizes. With a few extra quick log-ins a day, I went from not knowing if I was getting the DTD before the prizes reset to having it, plus Hugo (working on his house still) and an additional treat bag. I do wish that community prizes would come…
  • Wait, I think I missed something. The prizes for probes window says that the prizes will rotate out, but the crafted prizes' window doesn't. Are we still going to lose the ability to "make" Hugo in less than a week?!
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