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  • Thanks for the link HomerND84. Sorry for the repeat, I did search the forums but nothing relative came up due to using wrong key words, I also went back several pages! Luckily it's my birthday in 3 weeks so I'll be asking for ITunes gift cards
  • Has anyone else noticed a increase in spawn rate from the feral monsters? I seemed to have trebled today what I spawned yesterday, anyone else??
  • Sorry, ignore my post above, just answered my own question! I have flu(well, a maybe a horrid cold), so my brain isn't working at full capacity!
  • I am also very frustrated with the obol earn rate, at 250 obols its gonna take days to earn enough to get the catacombs! Can you buy the catacombs with donuts, I have the task to upgrade to level 5 and get the catacombs but I am already at 70/215 on level 5 and have the catacombs available to get, I have the option to…
  • Unfortunately you only earn films but with a decent rate of 6 per tap for you first 90 taps it's not a bad return for your efforts, plus you help your neighbours as they get a film for cleaning watched buildings. But I find it confusing when you see the varmin critters running round their towns that make you feel like you…
  • I agree, I don't indulge in premium items too often due to a tight budget, but I saved up my pennies especially for this event so I could get ahead of the game for once instead of dragging behind, (I often end up not gaining all the prizes on offer), and I chose CCL especially for this reason, but she hasn't really made…
  • Apologies if this has already been asked, but what is the payout of obols from the vermin? I had a maximum town full this morning after 8 hours, which I believe is 80, and I only got 5 obols, so works out around 1 obol per every 15 vermin tapped, does that should about right for everyone else?
  • I got 10 obols too, very dissapointed :-). I have ended up spending donuts to unlock the catacomb, can't believe you need 250 obols to get it, feels like it's going to take forever!
  • Thanks, I have just purchased the CCL as the payout was 3 times more so seems like the better option, plus she was cheaper on the offer, and she is pretty cool to have :-) Just trying to work out how to trigger multiple fighters against one monster after just seing a screenshot on another post. Still like the look of the…
  • I really want this as i don't have any monstrously big items in my town, and I think it looks pretty cool, each to their own i guess! I just hope I can earn enough emblems as I have missed a few of the daily task challenges, some days are too much unless you set you clock to wake in the early hours to start them off!! Does…
  • Nooooo! Just got updated, spent my last 10 donuts on a basket too, [email protected]@?£s :x So annoyed :x Laggy as hell too now! And I miss the bunnies and the chirping, and no Faberge egg :cry:
  • I'm at 45, still going at it, want that faberge so bad too!
  • I haven't updated and plan to hang on to the bitter end! After numerous disastrous attempts on the rolls, winning mainly 100 gold eggs, ponds and egg piles I relented and spent 50 donuts on golden eggs, got 3 Kang topiaries (in a row), some picket fences, but did get the banana dictatorship and father Sean, yay!!! I have…
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