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  • got him 6 hours before closure. get in! :lol: :twisted:
  • down to 85 donuts needed to release him with 15 hours to go. looks like I am going to get him by a whisper. much more fun this way than usually how i find myself steamrolling these events! 8)
  • My phone was broken for the first 3 days so I only managed to log in once or twice which means I'm in a sprint for doobner! With a day and a half to go it currently would cost me 365 donuts to purchase him. I 'm not working tomorrow, so I think I will get him by the skin of my teeth without having to part with any donuts!
  • I would say.. you have a few days to decide so no rush! When I've seen it in friends towns it looks ace
  • Oh this is punishment for hoarding haha. I have 270 roughly left but feel like I've been playing for hours! And my next players club level awards... 40 tokens! Good luck to all who have hoarded, don't say you didn't ask for it :wink: :wink:
  • Yeah I've been hoarding and have about 250 ATM with a couple of days left. About two hours before act two ends in going to smash out some bonuts but will leave a couple hundred spare for act three. Spending all those tokens in one hit makes me feel queezy! Also I think the idea of hoarding martini s is a good idea. I have…
  • also the same three numbers came up every time in dice den which meant after one throw i knew i'd lose for those gos.
  • Spent 10 tokens on each with surprising result Dice den first. I spent all 10 tokens on number 10: (0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,235) toal: 235 thats right first 9 tokens i didnt get a single chip moes: (0,40,175,400*,200,20,400*,0,0,75) total; 1250 *= cheat
  • My personal opinion is the Dice Den. I really can't talk about stats (as I haven't made any :lol: ) but if i hear 'woo hoo' one more time at Moe's i'm liable to break the one armed bandit!
  • Reached level 2 late last night. Good time I suppose. Only bummer for me is I shoot off for sunny Spain in 7 days and may not have wifi over there. How depressing if I can't complete the vegas act 2 or act 3!
  • I got 100!
  • I love this game, I've probably spent between £120-£150 on it in about 3 years. I don't own any gaming consoles but if I was to go out and buy one it would far exceed that price and that's not including games, controls etc. everything in moderation as they say!
  • If you take offense at this update, I think you must spend half your life tutting and grumbling, let it go!
  • Woo what a great morning :D I love my two casinos, they are my favourite part of town and now I'm going to have EVEN MORE. hehe. I am going to enjoy the next 35 days :lol: :lol:
  • Crumbs, I'd give my left arm for a topiary atm! So far I have received a bazillion ant signs, plenty of debris (1 donut), and even more flames!

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