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  • Glad to see this one back. I like this topic. I'm sure I've posted on this topic, but I can't find myself... Whatever! Anywho... I believe I had this set up when this thread was originally started, but the fence around my school's a barb wired school while the fence around my prison is just a plain chain link fence! :) If…
  • I've got one of those!!! It bugs the **** out of me! I've looked with both aspects of the eyes being closed and the darn thing still eludes me! (I understand that the egg goes invisible as well, but I Cannot find an outline or squares that represent the space they take anywhere!) I am officially duped.
  • :lol: lmao :lol: Paves4, I believe you may be my hero! That's absolutely hilarious if this is true! :mrgreen: I believe she just may get a kick outta that! :shock: :lol:
  • Bartman would be awesome! I would love to see him! Awhile back, the idea of Hugo was floating around. I agree with this one as well. :) As for Pieman (just watched that episode last night, or the night prior... I assume this is why you thought of it), he would be pretty sweet as well. :D As for me, off hand the only one…
  • Myself, almost at the 7500 mark. About 100 shy. . If I keep at it, I believe I will get all the prizes! I was impressed with the couple odd friends that had 20000+ and baffled as to how they got there already but the person with a billion snakes, how is that even possible? How many snake producing items do they have in…
  • Just as another voice to this revolt, I am greatly dismayed that EA has practically put Mostly All of their current decorations on the expense of donuts. Some of these items I Do Not believe deserve what they ask for. I do not wish to support w money for a company that still has many issues with this game in the fact that…
  • Seen him @ least twice in the past two weeks. Shocked me!
  • I thought that I was going vaguely insane when I swear I thought that I had 70 snakes whacked. Then it went down to 60+, gained a few more then down to upper 50s... I don't like this update. Missing snakes frustrate me!
  • You all are aware that you are dating yourselves! (most likely) :mrgreen: But! *musical notes* ' Oh Margie. You came and found me a tur-key. On my vacation away from wor-key. *musical notes* Tee hee! :shock:
  • I agree that Hugo would be an awesome skin for Bart. You never know, we may see it in the future! One thing I Reeeaaallly wanna see the helper monkey Mojo (episode Girly Edition; orig airing April 19, 1998). I guess he would be only valid as a wandering around character similar to Burns' monster, Bart raven, Santa's Little…
  • Wow. I feel fortunate. I've won it once. Surprised me! However, I have a friend in life and in game that got it on his first try!!! Mind you, he hasn't received it again either.
  • I know this has been said in several posts, I highly support getting Eleanor Abernathy! :thumbup: (aka Crazy Cat Lady) :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  • Haven't seen him in months either. would love to see him as a regular and Cecil as premium. I think that would be great! :)
  • Jebus! I knew it was long ago but not that long! I remember that episode airing! I totally forgot about Whacking Day until it was mentioned here. I am definitely down for some Whacking Day fun! Ninja Homer, I love you.
  • There are Many threads written on this topic but,I must say, I enjoy reading what others want. Many out there have the same ideas I have and some give ideas that I'm sad to say that I did not think of! I've been wanting footpaths and stone walkways for quite sometime now. I have the perfect spots already planned for these.…
  • Lmfao It's amazing how this game has all dominated our lives! My iPod has come to the washroom with me, I will plan on where I stay when I go on vacation to somewhere with wi-fi and I have piggied backed off of various business' wi-fi to complete whatever I need completed at that moment. Hell, I've played while even…
  • Dohmer9 wrote: "There was a heart grinder? what did it do? I never saw a notification about it " dhort1985 wrote: "Yes, there was. It was in the same folder as Homer Buddha and the Mystery Box. It basically just gave you random amounts of money in exchange for 20 hearts, I think. Edit: Ahh, beaten to the punch." (pardon my…
  • Wow, the hostility.... Love to vandalize the buildings so the friends that they belong to has to clean them and collect an award from a building that otherwise cannot collect from. Always wondered how me tapping on a long running building may hep them. The theory of it resets their clock makes sense...
  • For the sake of redundancy, I won't say you were warned... :shock: If you tapped on the little ? mark beside the hearts, specifically stated 'On the 28'. To my recollection, updates come swiftly. If anything I have learned with the update transitions, spend all that you can in how ever means they give you the night prior,…
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