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  • That's actually deliberate - it's programmed that way so that as you tap you get different things in a tight grouping so that you CAN tap the thing that you want (eventually). The trick is to go into area select mode: then you can tap with pinpoint…
  • .lla ta skrow levart emit woh dnatsrednu t'nod ylpmis uoY .on ,on ,oN
  • Do you have one of those "speed your device up" or "spring cleaning" apps? 'Cause they delete your Temp files - and the files you keep having to download are Temp files. Another possibility: Are you recording long videos on your device? That can a…
  • Well don't forget to buy the Ziff Wedding Home with Robot Marge. 'She' earns another 8 Wedding Cakes every 4 hours. I almost forgot and only remembered just as I was sending everybody on the task.
  • Some players use an entire plot of land (or more) for 1 building, decorating all around it to make it look like a real house in a high rent district. Not me. But I'm still running out of room for more buildings even though I cram them together like…
  • So you're old too?
  • In order to trigger the event you need to be at level 15 AND have Marge. But to make any real progress in the event at this point you'd also need all 7 of the other characters (Homer, Bart, Lisa, Grampa, Ned, Moe, and Apu) working the event 24 hours…
    in Event Reply by wadebear February 28
  • Bring back Bring back Bring back the Golden Goose Re-alty! Bring Back Bring Back Bring Back those tokens to me...
  • For $500? Never. Unless the muck up again...
  • The shuttle can't be stored. According to what I found on the web, new players don't get a second shuttle. But since you already had both shuttles you should still have 2. I know I did in all 3 of my towns. I use them sometimes to transport from…
  • I don't remember. I really wasn't planning on continuing to play, I'd only come back to rebuild my Krustyland and clean up my town for posterity.
  • The fastest and cheapest way to push up your bonus percentage is by buying Burns Mystery Boxes. They cost 6 donuts each and pay out in a regular pattern (as long as you only do it on one device) that includes Itchy & Scratchy billboards and Cha…
  • @felicityd074 I seem to remember that when I came back there was a short questline about Krustyland that I had to do that unlocked the second shuttle. So you may just have to wait for it to come up.
  • If you wanna catch up fast buy all 3. They all help with the event.
  • It sounds like you need to do a clean install. Pull up the app manager and swipe away all open apps. Uninstall. Hold the power button until it asks you to power down - then do it. Wait 1 minute. Go get a coffee or something. Turn it back on an…
  • @KLmaker Books! Books! And Additional Books! w/ Emma Delacroix is on the list, right under Libido. It has been since I wrote it. Captain Mordecai and Marge Ziff were added as the event progressed (and there are more to come). I never add stuff as …
  • I wish they'd make a mobile version of Hit & Run. I still have it for PC and would love to play it again but my old computer died and my new computer didn't have the legacy port for the steering wheel controller I was using (which is the only w…
  • The Rigellian Christmas Spaceship has 2 facades: Regular Destroyed. @jerry4278 You have to store the spaceship and put it back out to get the Destroyed facade to work. I just found that out while searching for images of the ship.
  • I just tried it with my old Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0. It didn't work. I hit the button, it went to a splash screen, then went back to my town with the confirm dialog.
  • Now if we can just get them to release Teenage Homer...

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