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  • I've been playing since the beginning and this event is so fruitless and frustrating and lackluster that I'm starting to wonder, for the first time, if it's time to just stop playing. This is Halloween. The past Halloween events have been the greatest. It just feels like they don't care anymore and it doesn't bode well for…
  • Edit: NO MORE ROOM. Im maxed out on friends now. Sorry to anyone I had to decline.
  • Yes I deserve severe mocking for missing one song on one episode of a show with 25 seasons. My lack of knowledge is astounding. Thanks for reminding me why I backed away from this forum. Your sarcasm is quite lacking and you still used homophobic wrong.
  • I wasn't aware there was a song, as I guess I missed that episode. So I guess I was wrong. But without that context it looked bad. I mentioned it to my gay sister who plays the game as well and she had seen and assumed it was a gay reference too. I suggest you look up the word homophobic. My mind is anything but…
  • I have to say I'm kind of put off by the flaming Moe clue being about Smithers. I take it they think they're clever calling him both flaming and a 'mo, but I really don't like the use of slur type references. It wouldn't be cool to throw African-American or Asian slurs as reference to Hibbert, Carl, Kumiko, etc. It's not…
  • Haha thanks. Bart and I had such big hopes for that dino. Alas, Lisa lives. :sigh:
  • Sounds like Stonecutters are controlling the post! ;)
  • Of course I just finally broke down and spent more than half my donuts on Luann (the rest are my Uter buying base). Didn't match the hype either. Glad the main buildings are cash buys. Super excited about new fences! Springfield has such a lack of good fencing materials. But we could really use a line of premium…
  • UTER! Nobody else is important.
  • He should have come with the fudge factory!
    in Uter Reply by wickedlittle May 2014
  • They're holding him back as a cruel joke. Give us Uter!
    in Uter Reply by wickedlittle May 2014
  • I've got a completely unique idea. Bart and the Fudge factory! The quest line starts when the mysterious owner of Ah Fudge! (Mr. Burns in an orange wig (new skin!)) closes down factory tours to the school kids. The townspeople become suspicious and start to hear rumors whispered by a mysterious stranger (Smithers in a bald…
  • 'Fun factor' has no business being on a spreadsheet! Just kidding. I think you sound like you'd like The Community Center the best. Plus, to me, the Lotto N Liquer and Lugash's gym are pretty superfluous buildings to me, seeing that they gave us a non-premium gym and plenty of 'marts' where you could buy both lotto and…
  • He could knock over and loot peanut carts. The Goofball, I think it would be funny to give him some cerebral tasks, like going to the library or attending Mensa meetings or picketing the Town Hall for equality.
  • Barney, Arnie, Bumblebee Man and Cat Lady are the ones I have. Bumblebee Man is a favorite from the show for me, so I don't regret buying him. But he's not a good purchase otherwise. He runs from bees and hides indoors basically. Arnie, despite that he's voiced and has a bunch of outdoor tasks, I regret with a passion. Two…
  • I had no problems before the 'fix', but now I'm having these exact problems.
  • I spent 10 million of my 20 million today on weather stations and blood mobiles. I've consistently done the weather station thing for ages when a level up occurs. I usually get about 12-15 until the amount of XP required gets ridic. And my money replenishes and replenishes and I don't even house farm.
  • What a weird coincidence. I was promoted long ago but never uploaded an avi cuz I post from mobile device. But I just made one today. Haha.
  • Well despite the update not having a ton of content, I'm happy that they chose the premium character to be the one nobody cares about and the non-premium for the known character. I'd kind of like to have another character between the parent age block and the kid age block, like Otto. But seriously, he's unknown and comes…
  • They actually have a daughter name Crystal Meth Spuckler on the show. I don't know how EA feels or controls content though.

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