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  • I'm actually bummed that she doesn't do her freak out babbling. Cat noises are…ok, but it's a big let down for me as I was really looking forward to her ridiculous chatter. Oh well.
  • The lunacy of buying it didn't appeal to me until I saw the 7% bonus attached to it, so I spent some of my cheap Xmas donuts for the heck of it. Still have 4100 left. Plus, I just think the idea of it is funny…how it perturbs people is appealing to me. :twisted:
  • I'm all for everything in the OP, though I'd add in 2 and 3 hour task lengths to squeeze in more uses for each character throughout the towns newer buildings. Let's hope EA has a revamp in the works and can integrate these ideas (or come up with better ones somehow).
  • I bought the boatload 10 mins before the sale ended this morning, but my game hasn't update yet either. Could have sworn that I restarted my iPad after 8am, but I guess not. I'll do it now and see if it updates.
  • Dr. S and the abandoned Spirograph Factory.
  • It was my last prize, too. Finally got it after a little over a week later than my second-to-last prize, Helter shelter. Stupid wheel was really trolling me.
  • I wish I had Springfield Falls, Swanky Fish, Cool Brown House and others, too. However, I really hope EA never rerelease any of them. I like the idea that stuff really is available for a limited time and let's players have unique stuff in their towns. It's our own fault for not realizing from the start that we would be…
  • Exactly, it wasn't a Christmas update. Therefore, it would only make sense to include other characters of non-Christian faiths. We got the Hindu Ice God from the wheel, but it would be awesome to have a Jewish quest or two thrown in with the rest. Anything that brings additional characters and unique buildings is more than…
  • Sure, it's possible. I don't think it's too far a stretch to think that a 5 week event would dole out 5 prizes at a rate of 1 per week, though. I think they jumped the counter to placate people who were freaking out about potentially not getting all their imaginary prizes, though. I enjoy the game as much as anyone (and…
  • Ok, granted I'm no mathlete, but I don't really know that we can go by the Halloween event expecting that every player had around 10,000 goo. The hardcore people had well over 50,000…heck, I had around 40k myself and I'm a giant nobody. I'm sure that somehow averages out with the slowpokes and wallflowers, but I still…
  • Everyone was wrong with their Thanksgiving predictions on when the counter would hit each level. The thing is fixed. There's no reason to worry. And if not all the prizes unlock by the 7th somehow, oh well.
  • "I was saying Boo-urns." and "Don't you hate pants?!?" I say these two phrases all the time.
  • I feel pretty confident the timer is fake and they'll just have it reach 5 billion every 7 days until it hits 25 billion, in honor of the 25th season. Maybe if you guys tick the devs off they'll slow it down and not give you Homer Kong until next year. :P
  • It's probably just an automated counter to make you think the community is contributing, but really they just have predetermined dates each of the prizes will be unlocked. I wouldn't worry about all of them unlocking by the end of the event, especially since it's 5 weeks long.
  • Don't know if someone already said this and I missed it, but doesn't it make sense that each Community Prize will require 5 billion GOO? That would add up to 25 billion...25th anniversary. Seems to make the most sense to me at this point.
  • After I posted here, I tried doing a full reboot of my iPad 2 and was able to start getting back into my town little by little. It's mostly running with infrequent freezes now, but at least I can get in for a few minutes before it's doing it now. Hope they update/fix this soon.
  • Turn up your brightness and enjoy a deviation from the norm. When it's gone, you will regret skipping it.
  • Yeah, I believe I've done everything in the main walk-through. I just haven't built Springfield High School...is that what's holding me back?
  • Ok, I know this is a stupid question, but I'm currently level 35 with about 33k XP to go before topping out my XP meter and I'm not getting "For the Love of Marge Pt 1" to start. Do I need to max out level 35? I never built Springfield High School or the Knowledgeum...do I need to build those first? Sorry, I'm just…
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