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  • well, at least you get like 75 donuts for free leveling up and stuff =P this game is tricky...there's like a spectrum of freemium games: premium currency rarely dolled out, impossible to play/finish w/o premium premium currency rarely dolled out, possible to play/finish w/o buying anything premium currency dolled out…
    in - Reply by xplim May 2013
  • iOS players can have a 5 star town without farming, but must buy all premium items including limited-time promotion items. Android players cannot have a 5 star rating without farming because many of the limited time promotions were before the Android launch.
  • mine had never left off...after this update, it was off...
  • definitely worth a mention. i think i've only won one jackpot since starting when the android version was released (feb?) for a while i was getting a lot of non-bomb prizes, but now i've been getting way more bombs than before.
    in Jackpot! Reply by xplim May 2013
  • I love Family Guy, but I think the material just isn't as vast as Simpsons. Simpsons just keeps on adding characters/locations. Family Guy likes to re-use characters in different situations. for instance, how many different jobs has Bruce had??? i don't know if the game will be as big as this one...
  • honestly - if EA wanted to ban house farming, they could have made a requirement that each house be connected to a road and that there had to be a certain amount of buffer (e.g. the house could take up 4x8 blocks, but the actual plot could be 6x10). that said, i started house farming because i started late (well, early…
  • i re-sent my friend request...thanks cherpie!
  • i like having them all at one kwik e mart...
  • honestly, it's not that bad. just set them to do one detention overnight, and the other 2 you can do within one day. this caters to my playing style better - i put everyone on jobs with the same time, either 4 hours or 8. 6 would work better for me, but not all characters have 6. i'm on the 2nd set of detention right now...
  • add me - xplim...making one final push for the motel...still haven't maxed out my friend farming...
  • i posted this on another thread because it wasn't obvious to me (maybe it's obvious to others)... you can find sideshow bob in one of your neighbor's towns. also, when you capture him, it doesn't take away from your 3 daily actions in that town. the one thing i don't know - when you do this, does your neighbor get random…
  • my best was the lemon tree early on when i started playing. i think everything else after that has been stupid stuff...i've gotten way too many wooden fences, shrubs, hedges =P i did get one of those dark green statues once. whoop-dee =P
  • i'm trying to make a final push for hte motel as well...xplim thanks!
  • add me please: xplim. having trouble sending invites. just got willie and trying to make a run for the motel with the extension...
  • i'm still looking to trade too... add me: xplim
  • Burnin_TODI - do you work for Mayor Bloomberg? =)
  • i'm also looking for egg donations - add me - xplim. sorry to hijack... thanks everyone!
  • I have to say - I'm glad that this thread has remained mostly civil. and lissarv68, thank you for your opinion. i haven't been on the forums long, but i'm glad you haven't been blasted for presenting your opinion.
  • yes, it does. makes dropping eggs a lot easier...
  • sadly, yes, this is true. i had no idea there was a "guns for kids" company...but apparently, there is. i guess that's more part of the gun culture question from the OP.
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