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  • I see it, but that's still not what I am saying. I am not complaining about Tapped out sending notifications to my tablet. I am complaining about the Springfield Heights expansion dominating my character select screen WITHIN the game.
  • Not those types of notifications. The types of notifications where at the very top of your task bar rather than showing available characters, an image of a craftable Springfield Heights Item is on screen. This means you are prompted to send your characters there FIRST and you have to click through to return back to the…
  • What a stupid post. You're basically saying: just ignore that the screen orients toward the tunnel EVERY time you log in. Just IGNORE the fingers pointing to the Springfield Heights tasks. Just IGNORE the whole focus of the game is on this right now. It doesn't work that way when you're forced to update.
  • The thing is, I just wanted a break. I wanted a calm return to Springfield to play the regular game. Not a "tap ball" event, whatever the hell that had to do with the actual Simpsons. So, when the event ended, I downloaded the update. Then, literally, a day later, they updated us with this ridiculous aforementioned…
  • So, EA apologists, where did the Condos come from? Are they featured in ANY Simpsons episode?
  • Yes, exactly. Longer tasks would make this expansion tolerable. As it stands now, I currently have pills, yoga mats, coffee, and chairs--tasks that take only between 30 seconds and 12 minutes, but that would require LITERALLY an hour of constant tapping in order to buy most land, building upgrades, and other essentials for…
  • Fair point. Most Americans, for that matter, refer to all pasta as "spaghetti." They don't know the difference!!!
  • 8 pages of speculation. Thanks, guys!
  • Yes, but only on level 55 friends, and only when I am graffiting many places at once for multiple friend points. Are you also on a Kindle?
  • Ok, good to know. Both Simpsonswiki and tappedoutwiki state trees 1-5 add points, pavilion 1-3 add points, etc. That seems to imply decorations beyond those numbers don't count. But what is not clear is whether this applies to ALL trees total and ALL pavilions total, or if I can have three red pavions, 3 pink, etc. and…
  • That wasn't the question. Only 9 trees will add to your kitsch rating, according to the guide. My question is does this mean 9 TOTAL trees, or does it mean the first 9 trees of a specific type affect the rating? I don't want to buy a tenth tree if it won't change my rating.
  • Almost 2 hours and nothing!!!
  • I guess you must have been playing the game for quite some time and must be up around level 55. I suppose you've probably already spent real money on the game in order to buy premiums to give you that 409% bonus. Was it worth it? Do you not recognize EA created this money pile in order for it to be a money suck? It's a big…
  • I wonder if some forum members are EA employees? Why would ANYONE spend donuts on these skins that do absolutely nothing?
  • Thank god! I hope I can store and eventually sell that stupid looking foursquare field.
  • There are so many interesting things about this post: On the one hand, the rest of the world basically assumes New Zealand is just like Australia. Same thing, they say. So, who cares if you confuse them. On the other hand, Kiwis have so much national pride and often believe Australians are almost as ignorant about their…
  • The mods originally merged my thread called Earsores with the Eyesores thread because they thought it was the same thing. I reposted it.
  • Your mom can't keep up with the tapping! (I'm sorry, I don't mean that. And the joke likely won't be understood in French or Dutch. But I HAD to make. It was too perfect)
  • Perhaps there's a language barrier for some of the moderators on this forum. But my "ear sore" topic is completely different than the preexisting "eye sore" topic. One is about visuals and the other is about sounds. Please separate the topics how they originally were. Thanks
    in Eyesores Reply by yelp818 July 2015
  • Is the Simpsons tv show CARTOON consistently out of scale? No, not at all. So your point is totally invalid. If a cartoon can be to scale as a tv show, then a game based on that cartoon should also be to scale.
    in Eyesores Reply by yelp818 July 2015
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