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MartialMind's honest thoughts after playing EA Sports UFC 3

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This is a duplicate of the thread on Operation-Sports but I found the information shared in this video by MartialMind interesting enough to share it here.

Give it a listen, even though he is under NDA for the next game, he shares some very exciting thoughts that have made me pretty excited for the next game.

I'll be more active on these boards again from now on to share updates if I see them, and hopefully engage in interesting discussions for the next game too.


  • lung4444
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    Thanks for posting it here. Sounds promising, I liked what he said about the more dangerous striking, which is what is totally missing in ufc2. I agree that the hyper realism needs to be toned down severely, it should not be tekken, mortal kombat, or street fighter, but to much accurate realism can lead to a more boring game for the casual fan and deter a growing fan base. I hope they're honing in on that sweet spot between those two extremes.
    he didn't mention anything about the grappling though, which is the other 2/3rds of Mma ( striking, clinch, ground). I personally like the new ground game a lot for UFC2, but the "rules" of the ground game need to be better defined, i.e. The controls say you can't pre load a denial, that's why it vibrates, but there are clearly several spots on the ground where you must because the timing windows are all over the place.
    And he didn't mention my biggest gripe,the takedowns! The most horrible looking and broken mechanic of the game are the shooting td's that don't reach the opponent, where it looks like you're doing some terrible Kossack dance, and you get punished with a stamina loss and a a counter window. newtons 2nd law is outta whack there
    If martial wants to make his opinion heard, he should return to this forum and ask questions on behalf of the devs and himself to get a general consensus of what the fans truly want. If he feels he represents the majority of what the fan base wants, gather your evidence here!
  • GUCCI134
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    Great video.

    I'm happy he is a gamechanger because we are on the same page for how I want the stand up/Striking to be in ufc 3.

    I really hope they work on a proper stamina system. Body shots should drain stamina. Throwing 100s of strikes per round, spamming 5 strikes combinations should drain your stamina.

    Between 1-70 strikes a round should be the goal
  • GUCCI134
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    Hopefully we get more info about the clinch. Really didn't like it in ufc 2
  • I could not agree more...hyper-realism and referee ridiculousness needs to be fixed. Unless you are a hardcore hours-a-day gamer, UFC 2 is near impossible to play and have any fun with. Too many moves, too many combinations...just too much everything. The only EA game i progress absolutely nothing on in "Ultimate" mode...its too much crap to drop and the grinding is ridiculous for the casual player (like myself). Worst money i ever spent on a game because of that. Love MMA, love the graphics and ambiance of the game - purchased the console specifically to play this...disappointment of a lifetime :neutral: .

    Not buying UFC 3 unless these are fixed and the game made more accessible to us common mortals...
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